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Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Contact Information

(831) 338-8860

Park Hours

Summer Hours at Park Headquarters:
8am to 8pm - Everyday 

Day Use Hours
6am to Sunset everyday

Backcounty Trail Camp Office:
9am to 5pm - Monday through Friday

Max. Trailer Lengths

Trailer: 24 Feet
Camper/Motorhome: 27 Feet

Driving Directions to Big Basin Redwoods SP

The park is 25 miles northwest of Santa Cruz via Highways 9 and 236 and about 65 miles south of San Francisco. All roads into Big Basin are curvy. If you have an RV or trailer, take Route 1 - its the least curvy.

Camping and Lodging

Online reservations are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reservations can be made 7 months in advance on the first day of the month beginning at 8:00 a.m. PST via the website, by mail, or by calling the toll free telephone number at 1-800-444-7275. Due to seasonal volume, access to the ReserveAmerica website and the telephone line may at times be limited.

Traffic and Parking Delays at Big Basin

Due to extremely high visitation during the summer season, you should expect long delays when arriving at Big Basin Redwoods State Park especially on weekends and holidays. Please speed the process as much as possible by have cash and exact change. Parking is $10.00 per vehicle.


In the past few years, our day use parking lots have been filling to capacity. Please arrive early to ensure you get a spot. If we run out of parking, we will be forced to turn you away. Please note that there is no day use parking permitted in our campgrounds or along the highway in the Headquarters Area.


We have made every effort to maximize parking and to speed the process to reduce delays and avoid turning people away. Your patience and understanding are appreciated during this busy time of year.   


Thank you and Enjoy Your Visit!



Recent storms have caused extensive damage to Big Basin Redwoods State Park's infrastructure.

Alder Trail Camp is CLOSED until further notice due to storm damage.  

Trail Closures & Conditions:

The following trails are CLOSED:

SKYLINE TO THE SEA TRAIL is closed between Middle Ridge Road and Berry Creek Falls Trail.

The entire TIMMS CREEK TRAIL is closed.

It is possible to hike to Berry Creek Falls from Rancho Del Oso across from Waddell Beach off Highway 1 in Davenport via the Skyline to Sea Trail OR from Big Basin Park Headquarters on the Sunset Trail and the Berry Creek Falls Trail or the Howard King Trail. You cannot get beyond Berry Creek Falls on the Skyline to Sea Trail. It is possible to hike from Big Basin Park Headquarters to Waddell Beach via the Sunset Trail and Berry Creek Falls Trail.

Other trails are OPEN but please keep in mind the following:

Recent storms have caused damage to all trails.
We have crews working on trails, so please do not touch or move any of their equipment or materials.  
Please check with staff at Park Headquarters to see if your planned route is safe and passable.
Trail conditions are always changing, so please be aware that you may come across blocked trails that we don't know about. Please be prepared to turn back.
We are working to fix these issues as soon as possible. Due to the extensiveness of the damage, repairs might take some time. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding




Visiting Big Basin Redwoods State Park

“Imagine a time when the whole peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose shall become one great city; then picture, at its very doorstep, this magnificent domain of redwood forests and running streams, the breathing place of millions of cramped and crowded denizens of the city.”
                 – Carrie Stevens Walter, Sempervirens Club, 1901
Founding of Sempervirens Club BBRSP

Established in 1902, Big Basin Redwoods is California’s oldest state park. In the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains, its biggest attractions—literally—are its ancient coast redwoods. Some of these giants are more than 50 feet around and as tall as the Statue of Liberty. At 1,000 to 2,500 years old, some may predate the Roman Empire. The park also offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, lush waterfalls, and a fascinating natural and cultural history. 
Each season provides a different park experience. During wet winters, the intense greens of mosses contrast with the subtle colors of lichens and mushrooms. Rushing waterfalls and wildflowers abound in the cool, foggy spring. In summer, the park is a shady getaway from inland heat. Fall may be the most hospitable season, without storms or extreme heat.
Big Basin’s coastal unit, Rancho del Oso, lies on State Route 1, about 20 miles north of the city of Santa Cruz. It cannot be accessed by vehicle from the Big Basin headquarters. 

Home to the largest continuous stand of ancient coast redwoods south of San Francisco, park vegetation consists of old-growth and recovering redwood forest, with mixed conifer, oaks, chaparral, and riparian habitats. Elevations in the park vary from sea level to over 2,000 feet. The climate ranges from foggy and damp near the ocean to sunny, warm ridge tops.

The park has more than 80 miles of trails. Be sure and pick up a map:
English: Big Basin Redwoods State Park Brochure - English
Spanish: Big BasinRedwoods State Park Brochure - Spanish
at park headquarters before your hike, and view the multimedia kiosk in the Sempervirens Room next to park headquarters. There you will find great information, photos, and video of some of the most popular trails.

Some of these trails link Big Basin to Castle Rock State Park and the eastern reaches of the Santa Cruz range. The Skyline to the Sea Trail threads its way through the park along Waddell Creek to the beach and adjacent Theodore J. Hoover Natural Preserve, a freshwater marsh.

The park has a surprising number of waterfalls, a wide variety of environments (from lush canyon bottoms to sparse chaparral-covered slopes), many animals (deer, raccoons, bobcats) and lots of bird life—including Steller’s jays, egrets, herons and California woodpeckers.

Dogs are permitted in the campsites, picnic areas, and on paved roads only. They must be on a leash and attended at all times. Dogs ARE NOT permitted on any of the trails.

Please click on the "Activities and Programs" link to the right to read about all our upcoming free guided walks.

Location - Directions

The park is about 65 miles south of San Francisco. From Santa Cruz, travel approx 25 miles northwest via Highways 9 and 236 to reach Park Headquarters. Park Headquarters is 9 miles north of the town of Boulder Creek on State Hwy 236. All roads into Big Basin are curvy.

The Rancho Del Oso coastal unit of Big Basin is accessible on State Route 1, about 20 miles north of the city of Santa Cruz.

Click the "Getting Here" link above for a map with directions or the "Driving Routes" link to the right for detailed instructions. For bus service information, see
As of September 8, all bus service to Big Basin and Waddell Creek/Rancho Del Oso will be discontinued.

This is a Crumb Clean Park

Big Basin Redwoods SP, Big Basin Tent Cabins, Little Basin Redwoods SP, and the Backpack Trail Camps are Crumb Clean.

Visitors are required to watch this short video about the impact your food has on park wildlife.


Winter: Cold, overcast and rainy. Big Basin receives the majority of its average 48 inches of rain from December through March, with average temperatures ranging from highs in the 50s to lows in the 20s.

Spring: Cool with showers and morning and evening fog. Average daytime highs in the 60s, lows in the 30s to 40s.

Summer: Warm with cool nights and morning fog in early summer. Average highs 75 to 95, lows 40s to 50s.

Fall: Warm days to cold nights and occasional early rainstorms. Average highs 75 to 60s, lows 50s to 30. Often the best weather of the year.

Please Remember

  • All natural and cultural features in the park are protected by law and may not be disturbed or removed.  Collecting is prohibited, including downed wood.

 • Purchase firewood from the park store.

 • Be prepared for mosquitoes in summer.

 • Feeding wildlife is prohibited by law.

 • Dispose of all trash properly and don't leave it out in your campsite where animals can get to it. Recycle glass, plastic, and aluminum.

 • Except for service animals, dogs are not allowed on any trails, unpaved service/fire roads, in any portion of the Rancho del Oso area, or on Waddell Beach at any time. All dogs must be on a leash and attended at all times.

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