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The park includes tidelands and upland property along 8.5 miles of shoreline of the San Francisco Bay. The park extends from the City of Richmond in the north to Emeryville and Oakland in the south, ending near the east anchorage of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The tidelands comprise rich tidal marshes, sub tidal areas, and mudflats that extend bay ward from the shoreline including the Emeryville Crescent, Albany Mudflat, and Hoffman Marsh. Much of the existing upland area is the result of fill placement in the Bay west of the historic shoreline. The shoreline reflects the unique influences of both natural systems and human intervention.

A General Plan, prepared in partnership with East Bay Regional Park District was completed for Eastshore State Park and approved by the State Park and Recreation Commission in December, 2002. The General Plan provides for the conservation of unique natural resources while providing outstanding recreational opportunities and protecting spectacular views of San Francisco Bay. An initial enhancement project is now being planned.

Some areas of the park are now open to the public providing hiking, biking, bird watching and other day-use activities. While no one road extends the entire length of the park, the San Francisco Bay Trail will link the entire park when completed.

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