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Located at the base of the Sierra foothills, the lake and recreation area offers opportunities for hiking, biking, running, camping, picnicking, horseback riding, water-skiing and boating. Fishing offers trout, catfish, big and small mouth bass or perch. Visitors can also see the Folsom Powerhouse (once called "the greatest operative electrical plant on the American continent"), which from 1885 to 1952 produced 11,000 volts of electricity for Sacramento residents. For cyclists, there is a 32-mile long bicycle path that connects Folsom Lake with many Sacramento County parks before reaching Old Sacramento. The park also includes Lake Natoma, downstream from Folsom Lake, which is popular for crew races, sailing, kayaking and other aquatic sports.

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area Hours of Operation
Winter Hours

The following units are open from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Granite Bay *
Beals Point
Folsom Point *
Negro Bar **
Brown's Ravine Marina *
Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park
Nimbus Flat **
Sacramento State Aquatic Center **
Nimbus Overlook **
Old Salmon Falls
Skunk Hollow
Salmon Falls Raft Takeout
Rattlesnake Bar *

* - Units where boat launching is available

** - Lake Natoma is the body of water associated with these units. Lake Natoma is primarily managed for non-motorized and slow-speed aquatic recreation such as rowing, paddling, etc. There is a 5-mph speed limit enforced on the entire lake.

The following units are closed to vehicles until further notice:
Parkshore Drive Parking Facility
Nimbus Shoals

The following units are closed seasonally:
Peninsula (October 1st to April 1st)

For any and all questions and the most current information, please contact the park at (916) 988-0205


Summer Hours

The summer hours for Granite Bay, Beals Point, Folsom Point, Negro Bar and Browns Ravine Marina are 6 am to 9 pm. The summer hours for the upper south units (Old Salmon Falls, Skunk Hollow and Salmon Falls) and Rattlesnake Bar are 7 am to 8 pm. The summer hours for the Aquatic Center, Nimbus Flat, Willow Creek, Nimbus Lake Overlook, Shadow Glen, and Folsom Powerhouse SHP are 6 am to 8 pm.

Camping is available at Beals Point year-round and at Peninsula Campground beginning April 1, through the summer (Peninsula Campground closes October 1). Additional information about camping can be found on this website and through Reserve America at (800) 444-7275.


  • Closure of Mormon Island Parking Lot

    There is a construction project currently underway at Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam that is intended to shore up the dam in the event of an earthquake or flooding.  The construction has forced the closure of the Mormon Island Parking Lot until further notice.
  • Blasting Activities - Closure of Small Area of the Lake and Folsom Lake Crossing Bridge

    There is a construction project underway to construct a new auxiliary spillway control structure for the Folsom Dam. Granite Construction, the contractor for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, will be closing the Folsom Lake Crossing bridge from Folsom-Auburn Road to East Natoma Street and a portion of Folsom Lake on an as needed basis, Monday through Friday, between 1:15 pm and 2:30 pm.  Both closures are to provide a safety zone for blasting activities necessary for construction. The lake closure will include the shoreline below the construction area on the east side of Folsom Dam and will extend 2000 feet from shore.

For any and all questions and the most current information, please contact the park at (916) 988-0205

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is located in the Sierra-Nevada foothills about 25 miles east of Sacramento, can be reached via either Highway 50 or I-80. Both Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma have many access points and entrances. The administrative offices are located at the base of Folsom Dam at the corner
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Latitude/Longitude: 38.7075 / -121.1549
Park Entrances
The park has multiple entrances most of which are fairly easily accessed by either Interstate 80 to Douglas Blvd.(east), or Highway 50 to Hazel Ave., or Folsom Blvd., (north).

Directions to the Peninsula campground:
80 east Reno
From Hwy 80 take the Elm St. exit out of the city of Auburn, at the 1st light make a left, at your very next light you will make another left that is High St.  High St turns  into Hwy 49 you will travel on Hwy 49 for 10 miles towards the city of Cool. You will enter a small town called Pilot Hill from that small town you will turn right on Rattlesnake Bar Rd. that road will dead end into the campground in 9 miles.

Hwy 50 S.Lake Tahoe
From Hwy 50 you will take the El Dorado Hills Blvd. exit go north on El Dorado hills for about 10 miles (at some point the road changes names to Salmon Falls Rd.) you will enter the small town of Pilot Hill you will make a left on Rattlesnake Bar Rd. which dead ends onto the campground in 9 miles.

Directions to the Beals Point campground:
80 east Reno
From Hwy 80 you will take the Douglas Blvd. exit out of the city of Roseville. Go east on Douglas for about 6 miles make a right on Auburn-Folsom Rd. go about 2 ½ miles until you  come to a stop light the sign will say Beals Point and you make a left.

Hwy 50 SLAKE Tahoe
Take the Folsom Blvd. exit go north on Folsom for about 7 miles (the road will change names to Folsom-

Image of ranger on horseback
Auburn) you will come to a stop light, the sign will say Beals Point and you make a right.

Transportation to the Park
A variety of transportation methods are available to park visitors at Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma. With its urban setting and the accessibility of the parks entrances, local bus services can be used reach Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma. Private vehicles as well as bicycles, horseback, and foot travel are the most frequently used methods of park entry.

Visit Recommendations

The primary recreation season coincides with the spring and summer months when temperatures are in the 80s, 90s and 100s.

Visitation is highest from April through September. In the spring months when school is still in session, evenings and weekends are the times of highest lake activity.

Climate, Recommended Clothing

Summers at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area are generally hot and dry. Dress lightly for high temperatures but be careful of over exposure to the sun.

Winters can be very cold with lengthy periods of central valley fog conditions. Dress in layers as the damp can bring on a penetrating chill.

Spring and Fall offer warm days and cooler evenings and nights. Dress in layers.

Good walking shoes are a must when exploring any of the park trails. Shoes or sandals are recommended on the lake's beaches and boat ramp areas.

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