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Heber Dunes SVRA

This area has land that was part of the Imperial County Park System. It is primarily used for off-road recreation. Restrooms with showers are available. The old riverbed of the Alamo River formed the area with deposits of sand where tamarisk trees have taken hold. Much of the outer border of the park is native vegetation and the park as a whole creates the effect of being an island in a sea of agricultural fields. The most prominent features within the park are sand dunes and extensive vegetation, primarily tamarisk trees.


South of El Centro and Interstate 8 this park is located eight miles east of the community of Heber on Heber Road. Access is via Interstate 8 to State Highway 111 or 86. Highway 86 becomes Heber Road where it intersect Highway 111.

Heber Dunes is bordered by Heber Road to the north and the Alamo Canal to the south and east. The new International border crossing into Baja, California, Mexico is located three miles south of the park.

Seasons/Climate/Recommended Clothing

This is a desert environment with summer time temperatures well above one hundred degrees. The months of October through May are the most popular times to visit the park.

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