Call for Sessions

California Trails & Greenways 2024


Proposals must be received by
December 1st, 2023

Educational break-out sessions are one hour and cover the full range of trail and greenway topics. Please note that the sessions are highly competitive and only well-developed and highly relevant proposals presented by qualified experts will be accepted.

Session Title: Limit title to 8 words – please choose a title that summarizes the content of the session – titles that are “catchy” but don’t describe the session will be changed.

Session Description: Limit session description to 200 words. Concisely describe the topic and presentation format.

Educational Objectives: Set clear learning objectives for your presentation. List 2-3 specific points that attendees will learn that will assist them in their trails work. Describe what efficiencies, performances, or other improvements will result from your presentation. Also, consider your audience. Describe the teachable skills you'll be providing and who will benefit the most by receiving these skills. Also consider interactive discussions or activities to engage the group in problem solving. Proposals that focus on projects without providing concrete, teachable skills will be rejected. 

Audience Level: Describe if your session be geared toward individuals with specific skills or levels of expertise.

Session Structure: Describe how the session be presented, e.g., panel discussion, demonstration, audience interaction, etc. Opportunities for audience participation are preferred. Also, be sure to leave 10 minutes at the end for questions.

Session Chair: For the individual responsible for coordinating the session, provide name, title, affiliation, address, phone, email, and a short 3-4 sentence biography that establishes the individual’s credentials. Please note that the name of the session chair and their email address will be provided in program materials and on the website.

Additional Session Presenters: We strongly urge you to include up to 2 additional presenters for a total of no more than 3 presenters. For each additional presenter, provide their name, title, affiliation, address, phone, email, and a short 3-4 sentence biography establishing the individual’s credentials.

Topic Suggestions for Sessions and Workshops in the Tahoe Area

Topic suggestions came from a recent meeting of local trail planners and managers. In addition to those topics listed below, moregeneral session proposals will be accepted that address:

(1) trail planning, development, and design;

(2) building and maximizing partnerships;

(3) engaging communities;

(4) employing technology and innovations;

(5) managing trails;

(6) interpretation and educating the public; and

(7) ensuring inclusion and equity

Issues specific to the Sierra Region:

  • Conservation in a high tourist region
  • Multi-agency/partnership collaboration
  • Building trails that serve a wide range and abilities
  • Destination Stewardship
  • Climate change impacts and visitor habits
  • Conflict resolution and trail etiquette
  • Fire recovery and resilient lands
  • History of California through trails