Interpretive Master Plan Development

Help us improve the visitor experience! Please take this 5-10 minute survey about your most recent visit to the park to help us identify areas of improvement and success. This survey will help planners from Riggs Ward Design, with California State Parks, create an Interpretive Master Plan to shape the future of the park.   For questions or more information, please contact Amber Sprock at (209) 540-6857 or . 

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What is an interpretive master plan?

An Interpretation Master Plan takes a long-range approach to interpretation planning and may be developed for a unit, sector, or geographical region, or may be used for particular resources found throughout the state. It updates and expands upon the General Plan and is intended to help guide park unit staff toward realizing its vision for interpretation. The Master Plan provides greater background and context, while analyzing existing conditions and looking at opportunities and constraints for expanding interpretation and meeting visitor needs. A Master Plan offers recommendations for facilities, media and programs, with objectives and strategies that are in line with the park unit’s goals and guidelines. The Master Plan can be a stand-alone document or combined with an Action Plan. Master Plans may be used to request and attract funding for project-specific development.

California State Park Master Plan Samples