Frequently Asked Questions about Brannan Island Temporary Closure

Is Brannan Island State Recreation Area Closed?
In June, California State Parks announced the limited, partial reopening of Brannan Island State Recreation Area on Saturdays and Sundays only. Effective Saturday, June 11, the boat launch ramp and the nearby day use area can be accessed by the public from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Sept. 1, 2022, but only on weekends. The other areas of the park will remain closed.

Why is Brannan Island State Recreation Area not open full time?
American Land and Leisure (AL&L) has worked with State Parks to operate Brannan Island State Recreation Area (Brannan Island) since 2013 and has been operating a month-to-month contract since 2018. AL&L informed State Parks that it was ending its operations on April 1, 2012. 

With Brannan Island’s boat ramp closed, where are the closest boat ramps in the area which are still open?
There are plenty of other available public boat launches available for use. The closest largest public launches to BISRA are Sherman Island and Rio Vista and Sandy Beach (Solano County Park in Rio Vista).

For a comprehensive list, please visit:

When is Brannan Island State Recreation Area expected to reopen?
A reopening date has not been set since State Parks is actively seeking a new park operator.

The department is currently accepting proposals for a 10-year camping and day use concession contract with the option to extend for an additional 10 years at Brannan Island. The deadline to submit proposals is May 13, 2022, by 2 p.m.

Will there be a process for a refund to purchasers of annual boat launch passes?
Since the Annual Boat Launch Pass covers boat launching fees at all state parks operated by State Parks that offer boating recreation, refunds are not being provided to pass holders.

The department remains committed to reopening Brannan Island as soon as feasible. 

For similar recreational opportunities in the greater Sacramento and San Joaquin areas, Annual Boat Launch pass holders can visit Folsom Lake State Recreation AreaAuburn State Recreation Area, and San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area.

Is it common to have private entities run state parks?
Yes, it is common for State Parks to partner with public, nonprofit, and private entities to operate or co-manage state park units and leverage their resources and community connections to increase capacity of state parks to provide enhanced visitor services while protecting and preserving natural and cultural resources consistent with the department’s mission. 

Below are some examples of operators for the Sacramento region: 

  • Locke Boarding House Museum -- operated by the Locke Foundation. 
  • Woodland Opera House State Historic Park -- operated by the Woodland Opera House Inc. and the City of Woodland.   
  • Colusa Sacramento River State Recreation Area -- operated by the City of Colusa.
  • Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge -- operated by the County of Sacramento.