Optional Workshops

Join us Wednesday, April 27, 2022, for optional workshops in and around the City of Modesto!


Universal Trail Assessment Process & High Efficiency Trails Assessment Process Coordination (UTAP/HETAP)

Through classroom and practical, hands-on-trail assessment experience, participants will learn:

· How to objectively measure trails using UTAP and HETAP
· The details of UTAP measurements
· The details of the semi-automated wheeled information sensor package and HETAP 3.0 Software
· The benefits of objective information
· UTAP and HETAP application in diverse environments
· How to disseminate Trail Access Information (TAI).

Todd Ackerman, Assessment Coordinator, Beneficial Designs, Inc.


Fundamentals of Trails Stewardship

The objective of this workshop is to develop robust base knowledge of key concepts for trail operations and encourage future learning in the following areas:

· Contouring alignments
· Trail Design and specifications
· Drainage design and drainage frequency
· Clinometer use
· Maximum short pitch grades
· Soil, vegetation and precipitation as design parameters
· Restoring closed trails

Garrett Villanueva, Regional Trail and Travel Management Program Leader, US Forest Service
Chris Orr, Trail Solutions, International Mountain Bicycling Association


Hike and Tour of the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge and Dos Rios Ranch

This workshop will introduce participants to the San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuge and Dos Rios Ranch. Educational objectives include:

· Private/public partnerships to acquire agricultural land for flood plain restoration (Dos Rios Ranch)
· The benefits of protected habitats that provide ideal conditions for wildlife and plant diversity along two major rivers (San Joaquin and Tuolumne rivers) at the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge and Dos Rios Ranch
· Highlight cross-sector partnerships and volunteerism
· River Partners’ and TRT’s efforts to transfer the fee title and conservation easements to state or federal agencies

Haley Mirts, San Joaquin Valley Ecologist, River Partners
Austin Stevenot, Operations Specialist, River Partners
Edgar Garibay, Central Valley Program Director, Tuolumne River Trust
Sara Sacks, Habitat Restoration Specialist, Tuolumne River Trust


Walking Tour of the Trails of Modesto

Participants will learn various aspects of each trail project, such as funding, community partners, design efforts, volunteers, permitting, construction, and operation, and the successes, failures, and challenges of each trail. Also learn how the trails contribute to the current efforts within the community to bolster more outdoor activities, trail use, and stewardship of its open spaces while promoting healthy lifestyles for community members.

Nathan Houx, Parks Planning and Development Manager, City of Modesto
Brian Fletcher, Principal, Callander Associates Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Kelly Gallagher, Park Operations Manager, City of Modesto
Chris Guptil, Operation 9-2-99 Community Group Volunteer, and local high school teacher
Darin Jesberg, Community Volunteer, and local Fire Battalion Chief