2022 Session Proposal Guidelines

California Trails & Greenways 2022 session proposals must be received by Thursday, December 9, 2021.

Educational break-out sessions are one hour and cover the full range of trail and greenway topics. Please note that the sessions are highly competitive and only well-developed and highly relevant proposals presented by qualified experts will be accepted. Past sessions can reviewed in the archives.

2022 Conference Theme: “On the Trail Again”

Session proposals that support the conference theme are strongly encouraged. We are pleased to be getting back to our traditional trails event format with a planned in-person gathering. We would like to hear how you as professionals have adapted to this new landscape in which we are now operating. How did your projects and programs adjust to health and safety requirements? What changes had to be made to accommodate the increased public demand and resource impacts? How can we continue to build ever-better organizations and programs in the face of our global challenges? Join us in sharing your innovative strategies for navigating the new normal.

Session Proposal Format

Session Title

Limit title to 8 words – please choose a title that summarizes the content of the session – titles that are “catchy” but don’t describe the session will be changed.

Session Description

Limit session description to 200 words. Concisely describe the topic and presentation format.

Educational Objectives

Set clear learning objectives for your presentation. List 2-3 specific points that attendees will learn that will assist them in their trails work. Describe what efficiencies, performances, or other improvements will result from your presentation. Also,consider your audience. Describe the teachable skills you'll be providing and who will benefit the most by receiving these skills. Also consider interactive discussions or activities to engage the group in problem solving. Proposals that focus on projects without providing concrete, teachable skills will be rejected.

Audience Level

Describe if your session be geared toward individuals with specific skills or levels of expertise.

Session Structure 

Describe how the session be presented, e.g., panel discussion, demonstration, audience interaction, etc. Opportunities for audience participation are preferred. Also, be sure to leave 10 minutes at the end for questions.

Session Chair

For the individual responsible for coordinating the session, provide name, title, affiliation, address, phone, email, and a short 3-4 sentence biography that establishes the individual’s credentials. Please note that the name of the session chair and their email address will be provided in program materials and on the website.

Additional Session Presenters

We strongly urge you to include up to 2 additional presenters for a total of no more than 3 presenters. For each additional presenter, provide their name, title, affiliation, address, phone, email, and a short 3-4 sentence biography establishing the individual’s credentials.

Topic Suggestions for Sessions in the Modesto Area

Topics specific to issues for the Central Valley were from suggestions of a recent meeting of local trail planners and managers. In addition to those topics listed below, more general session proposals will be accepted that address:

  1. trail planning, development, and design
  2. building and maximizing partnerships
  3. engaging communities
  4. employing technology and innovations
  5. managing trails
  6. interpretation and educating the public
  7. ensuring inclusion and equity
  8. best practices as a result of safety and health considerations and guidelines including:
    a. Implementing new programs or projects that address the increase of visitation while still sustainably managing trails
    b. Developing new public engagement strategies
    c. Adapting park operations and facility requirements
    d. Working with stakeholders in innovative ways
    e. Adjusting operational procedures and processes that will now be permanent
    f. Securing new funding opportunities and/or new partnerships

Issues specific to the Central Valley:

  • Maximizing the use of river corridors for trails, greenways, and associated recreation.
  • Problems related to urban interface including:
    • Homelessness
    • Drug use
    • Inappropriate zoning along trail corridors and greenways
    • Connectivity to/from/and between trails and greenways
  • Using trails and greenways as economic drivers including to enhance the quality of life for residence, attract businesses and professionals, and drive tourism.
  • Building community support for existing and potential trails, greenways, and associated recreation including among municipal officials, decision makers, and law enforcement.
  • Educating youth and non-traditional users and getting them into the outdoors.
  • Using special events to build interest and support for trails, greenways, and associated recreation.
  • Balancing trail use by different types of user types.
  • Rebuilding trail systems and greenways after natural disasters.
  • Innovative techniques in trail management and community engagement.

Submission Instructions

Submit proposals to trails@parks.ca.gov no later than Thursday, December 9, 2021.