Now recruiting volunteers!

2022 Training date: TBD

Application Process

Review and meet minimum qualifications outlined in the Plumas-Eureka Volunteer Duty Statement.

Contact Dennis Black (mrdennisrblack@gmail.com) to schedule interview and receive application packet:



Volunteers must adhere to the following standards:

Punctuality and Dependability: Arrive on time to all classes and programs, as well as your volunteer work assignments. Prospective docents who miss the initial training classes and cannot make them up must repeat the course before serving as docents.

Time Commitment: Volunteers are expected to work a minimum of 4 hours a month, or roughly 50 hours a year. Reliability is a crucial factor in the smooth operation of our public service program.

Appearance: If you are working in a public contact function, neatness and cleanliness is a must. Wear the approved docent vest with insignia and name badge. 

Attitude: A pleasant and professional attitude is all-important. Each visitor is a guest at the park, and we are the hosts. Sincere concern and friendly manner should characterize all dealings with visitors.

Desire to Learn and Improve: You are encouraged to read and study a number of available reference materials. For some activities, guidelines or handbooks specific to the activity will be issued to you. Use these handbooks as a basis for continued learning, adding to their contents with updates, and refreshing your memory on key points.

Safety: Do not perform any duties that put you or someone else at risk of becoming ill or injured. Do not operate power equipment without training. Always use proper safety equipment. When in doubt, slow down and err on the side of safety.

Benefits of Docenting

  • Become part of the California State Park team
  • Spend time among scenic landscapes and wildlife.
  • Meet new people
  • Help connect thousands of visitors each year to things you care about
  • Take advantage of opportunities for ongoing education and training
  • Earn year-round park passes to California State Parks