School Programs 21/22

In Park and Virtual School Programs 2021-22

Winter / Spring 2022 Programs Available

Bring your lessons to life at California’s most completely restored mission located on the ancestral land of the Chumash people. La Purisima Mission State Historic Park is an ideal place to explore the stories and challenges of the people who lived here as well as the crafts and technologies of the mission era.  Wether you explore in person, virtually or both, our programs are designed to enrich learning and stimulate awareness of the history throughout La Purisima Mission.  

FREE In Park Programs

Guided Tours:  Explore La Purisima Mission with a guided tour.  Our knowlegable engaging staff will take your students on a 90 minute journey with 5-6 stops throughout the historic mission grounds.  These FREE tours are available on Wednesdays beginning October 1st and other selected dates throughout the year. 

This is a single school event with a group size limited to 60 students maximum. Find more information and how to register here

FREE Live Virtual Programs and Tours  

Each program / tour is 45 minutes in length to fit into your class period.  This school year we are offering guided tours, living history tours and focus tours. You are not limited to any one tour, you may choose the tour or tours that best fit your lesson plan.   

Free, Live Virtual Guided Tours:  Our staff of professional interpreters will lead your class on an interactive journey through the historic grounds of La Purisima Mission.  Your students will be able to answer and ask questions with their guide.  These tours are single school events. Find more information and how to register here. 

FREE Live Living History Tours Webinars:  Experience living history at La Purisima Mission as costumed interpreters tour and demonstrate the various places, crafts and stories of mission life. These programs are multi-school webinars.  In addition to these programs we suggest scheduling a 30 minute Q&A session to allow your students to have their questions answered.  Find more information and how to register here.

  • Crafts and Industry Living History Tour - Explore the crafts and industries of the California Missions and the people who worked there. Our demonstrations include  weaving, pottery and leather.
  • Spanish Influence Living History Tour - This is a living history program which will include costumed interpretation to bring to life the Spanish colonial influence of the church, the military life and the food of the mission.  
  • Question / Answer Sessions:  Webinar's have limited time to answer questions.  Q&A sessions allow students to meet our staff and ask questions after the program.  This is a separate activity and you will have to register for it on your tour form.  
  • Friday Feature Focus Tours - Highlighting one specific area of the mission. Three unique Focus Tours provide a closer look at:  Chumash Life, How to Build a Mission, and Mission Blacksmithing.

FEE BASED In Park Programs ($2 per student fee)

Station Tours:  Your students will enjoy exploring 6 engaging stations with costumed interpreters demonstrating and sharing history with your class.  Groups of 10-20 students rotate through all 6 stations.  This is a single school event with group size limited to no less than 60 students and no more than 120 students maximum.  Station Tours are 2 hours long beginning at 10:00 a.m. offered on selected Thursdays throughout the year.  Registration is FULL for winter /spring 2022

Student Learning History Day:  Come and explore costumed interpreters throughout the mission grounds demonstrating various crafts and sharing the history of the people who lived here.  This is a multi-school event with a limited capacity of 400 students (not including chaperones, teachers and specail needs aids).  Registration is FULL for winter /spring 2022 

Academic Content Standard Subject Area: History/Social Science

ISTE Standards for Learners: 

3. Knowledge Constructor: Students critically curate a variety of resources using digital tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts, and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.

3b. Students build knowledge by actively exploring real world issues and problems, developing ideas and theories, and pursuing answers and solutions.

7. Global Collaborator: Students use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally.

7d. Students explore local and global issues and use collaborative technologies to work with others to investigate solutions.

History–Social Science Content Standards Grade Four California: A Changing State:

4.2 Students describe the social, political, cultural, and economic life and interactions among people of California from the pre-Columbian societies to the Spanish mission and Mexican rancho periods.

Fourth Grade Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum (EEI):

4.2.6. Discuss the role of the Franciscans in changing the economy of California from a hunter-gatherer economy to an agricultural economy.

 Fourth Grade California Next Generation Science Standards 

4-PS3 Demonstrate and discuss how energy transfers from one place to another in the production of yarn.


Online Educational Resources 

 Be sure to explore our great digital open educational resources! You can find links to our self-guided virtual tour and Smithsonian Learning Lab Collection in our Padlet 

Information regarding the use of the California Mission Flipgrid Topics can be found in the La Purisima Virtual Field Trip Resources. See below for additional information and links!