Surf Spots

Surf Spots

Ventura Junior Lifeguards – Spring Surf Spots 2022

April 4 – April 8, 2022 9am – 3pm (Monday – Friday)

1st Participant $225, additional family members $205

Participants will meet at a predesignated surf spot at 9am, pick-up will be at the same spot at 3pm.  

Although there will be a small interpretive element to the program its focus is centered around surfing. Participants will be divided into groups according to their surfing ability. A quick assessment of ability will take place on the first morning. Beginner has never stood up on a surfboard. Advanced Beginner can stand up but not turn. An intermediate surfer will stand, turn and purposefully go in the intended direction.

This program may be available to non Jr Guards but they will be required to pass a swim test in the ocean on the first day.

Age requirement is aligned with the Jr Guard program.

All Jr Guard equipment will be available; the more advanced surfers will be allowed to bring personal boards if conditions are safe.

A unique component of this program will be the ability to move to different Surf Spots on a daily basis. These Spots will be determined according to conditions and abilities of participants. Proposed Spots include Emma Wood, Ventura Pier, Ventura State Beach, Marina Park, Harbor Cove and South Jetty. Harbor Cove may also be used for Kayaking and SUP’s. Location of the next day’s program will be given to participants before they leave for the day.

If it rains the program will be cancelled for the day.

Participants will be required to bring their own food and water, no sharing of food. If a day is scheduled around the Pier, participants may be allowed to purchase lunch.

Instructor to participant ratio will be no more than 1 to 10. All instructors will continue to be State Park Lifeguards who work with the Ventura Junior Lifeguard program.

At this time no uniform will be required although wetsuits will be highly recommended and depending on the water temperature required.

One week prior to program start date weather and beach conditions will be known, if it looks as though beach and surf conditions are unsafe ‘Surf Spots’ will be cancelled and money will be refunded.

All Ventura Junior Guard policies both fiscally and behaviorally will be enforced as stated on our website in the Parent Handbook.

Please use the Enrollment tab to sign up for this program.