Road Conditions

Dirt Road Conditions

Caution: Road conditions can change at any time! Know and respect your own skill level and the limits of your vehicle! Road Conditions were last updated 1/13/2020.


 Road Name








Coyote Canyon

 To Desert Garden    X  X    

 4WD and high clearance needed in Upper Coyote Canyon due to being very rugged, and soft sand in Collins Valley;

Requires Skill & Caution!

 Desert Garden to Bypass Road    X  X    
 Bypass Road    X    X  
 Collins Valley    X    X  
 Turkey Track Grade    X    X  

 Borrego Badlands

 Rockhouse Canyon

 Font's Point Wash    X  X      4WD; soft sand - stay in road bed; washboard
 Inspiration Wash    X    X    Sandy entrance; 4X4 only into Dump Wash
Thimble/Short/Ella Washes    X    X   Very soft sand in Short and Ellas Washes
Hills of the Moon Wash    X    X   4WD High Clearance; deep soft sand
Palo Verde Wash    X X     Soft sand, Rocks, Rough
Arroyo Salado to 17 Palms    X X    

Soft sand at primitive camp and beyond; road is rocky;

some clearance needed

Coachwhip    X X     Sandy entrance
Palm Wash    X   X   Washouts to the east
Truckhaven south of S22    X X     High Clearance 4X4

Rockhouse/Butler Canyons

(2WD OK as far as Quarry; good road

   X   X   Sandy near entrance to Butler Canyon
Truckhaven north of S22    X X     Sandy; ONE-WAY (E>>W)

Culp Valley; Yaqui Well

Culp Valley Campground X   X     Road in good condition
Old Culp Valley Road    X X     High Clearance
Jasper Trail    X   X   Passable, with ruts
Grapevine Canyon    X   X   Passable, with ruts
Yaqui Well    X X     Soft sand to Yaqui Well
Plum Canyon X   X     2WD stay right at fork
Lizard Wash   X X     High clearance, rocky
Pinyon Wash   X   X   Deep soft sand; hard to find after Nolina Split
Nolina Wash   X   X   Sand, sharp rocks
Quartz Vein   X   X   Deep soft sand
Nude Wash   X X     Soft sand
Mine Wash to Village Site   X   X   Use caution: sand, rocks
Mine Wash Beyond Village Site   X   X   Soft sand, rocky

Blair Valley


Blair Valley

(4WD beyond Morteros Trail)

X X X    

Soft sand, mud in some areas. Road to Pictograph Trail

requires high clearance 4WD.

Pinyon Mountain Road   X   X   Rough; very long stretch of deep soft sand
Oriflamme/Rodriquez Canyons   X   X   Rutted; deep sand in spots; some rock obstacles

Borrego Buttes & Fish Creek

Buttes Pass Road to The Slot X   X     Passable for 2WD; stay on road
Buttes Pass Road to Hawk Canyon   X X     Sandy
San Felipe Wash   X X     Rough; washouts; some soft sand
Goat Trail   X   X   Rutted washouts high clearance
Old Kane Springs Road   X   X   Rough road; soft sand and boulders. Harper Canyon is 4X4
Elephant Tree Trail Road   X X     High clearance recommended, boulders
Fish Creek to Wind Caves Trail   X   X  

Very rough road due to flood; rocks and soft sand;

4WD and high clearance required.

Split Mountain to Olla Wash   X   X   Rough: boulders, sand, rockfalls
Lycium Wash   X   X   Entry into North Fork requires 4X4 with high clearance
Oyster Shell Wash   X   X    
North Fork Fish Creek   X   X   Closed at Mollusk Wash due to rockfall

Sandstone Canyon

Rock fall 1/2 mile in*

  X       Rockfalls limit vehicle access to wilderness boundary
Olla wash   X X     Soft sand
Blow Sand Canyon   X   X   Soft sand; deep sand
Borrego Mountain Wash   X X     Steep drop-off
Borrego Sink Wash   X   X   Soft sand; deep sand

Bow Willow Area


Arroyo Tapiado /Arroyo Seco del Diablo

  X   X


Soft sand; fresh slides. Arroyo Seco del Diablo is IMPASSABLE due to a mudslide and standing mud.
Vallecito Wash/Palm Spring   X   X  

Soft sand

Cosed 7.7 miles from S-2

Bow Willow Camp X   X     No water. Road is sandy
Mountain Palm Springs   X   Fair   Watch for sandtraps! 4WD Only
Indian Gorge   X   X   Rocky; high clearance
Indian Valley   X X     High clearance
Carrizo Canyon   X   X   Soft sand
Bow Willow Wash Road   X   X   Deep soft sand; Closed~4.7 miles from S-2
South Carrizo Creek Road   X   X   Soft sand, deep at intersections
Canyon Sin Nombre   X   X   Soft sand; rocky
Mortero / Jojoba Washes   X   X   Soft sand
Carrizo Marsh AreaClosed     X Closed by Superintendent's Order