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Junior Ranger
Adventure Guide

Did you know that you can participate in the Junior Ranger program at any California state park by using the Junior Ranger Adventure Guide? Just print the guide before you come and then go through the activities when you get to the park (or even after you get home).  It's easy and fun!

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Guía de Aventuras del Guardabosque JuvenilJunior Ranger Adventure Guide Cover (English)

Tag Hunts

Can you find the clues? This tag hunt is located at the upper groves and the grassy picinic area.
All you need is a QR app on your phone. Each clue reveals more about our park and the citrus industry! 
Try it out today!
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Litter Getter

The Litter-Getter Program will keep you earning prizes throughout your visits to California State Parks, and at the same time you'll be helping protect our wildlife and keep the parks clean, while learning about how you can make a difference. 
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