Tag Hunts - Digital Scavenger Hunt

TagHunts adventure now active!

Explore our park like never before!  TagHunts is a digital scavenger hunt for all ages designed to give you a fresh perspective on the park and citrus history.  With topics such as Environmental Impacts, Legacies of Labor, Wildlife, and more, visitors can learn about a variety of important aspects of the park and citrus industry, all while exploring our picturesque trails.  Stop by the park museum to grab a map, or print your own using the links below. 

Map Interior

Map Exterior


Accessibility Information

All of the content available as part of the TagHunts digital scavenger hunt are YouTube videos.  Closed captioning and subtitles are available on each of these videos.  (Learn more about managing your caption settings on YouTube here.)  For those "tags" that are not linked to YouTube videos, per California State Parks Accessibility Guidelines alternate formats for are provided below:

The Views of History Trail

The Buddha's Hand and Circle of Palms tags are along an accessible, paved trail, however, the remaining tags are along compacted-dirt trails on uneven and sometimes steeply sloped terrain.  For more information on this trail's accessibility features, please see the park brochure

Buddha's Hand - YouTube Video

Environmental Impacts - YouTube Video

Legacies of Labor - YouTube Video

Technologies of Irrigation - YouTube Video

Circle of Palms - YouTube Video

The Life of Citrus Trail

The entirety of this trail is along an accessible, paved trail. 

Pollinators - YouTube Video

Pests - YouTube Video

The Navel Orange - YouTube Video

Legacies of the Land - YouTube Video

Wildlife - YouTube Video


If you have questions regarding the TagHunts digital scavenger hunt, please contact Megan Suster at megan.suster@parks.ca.gov or 951-689-8645.