Wildflower Bloom

2021 Spring Flower Bloom

Current conditions indicate that California State Parks does not anticipate a large wildflower bloom in the Southern California desert state parks in 2021. The late season rains could help with the bloom, but it will not be a significant bloom like last year or previous years.

At the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, current indicators show that this will not be a significant poppy or wildflower year. If the area receives some additional rain, it will help with the bloom and extended the wildflower season, which typically lasts from March 1 through mid-May. For more information, please visit the park’s webpage and check out the PoppyCam live feed to get real time information on the status of the bloom.

The ecologists from Anza-Borrego Desert State Park does not expect to have an overabundance, or a big abundant wildflower-bloom this year. Although the area has seen a few precipitation events and even a few mornings with snowy mountains since January, this past year has been a ‘relatively’ dry year for the desert. The average temps are up over the high-end threshold that we would expect to see loads of vegetative growth, and rain amount has been too low to help in any abundance of growth.  Overall, the park will see some spotty or localized areas of bloom, many of which will be unpredictable. As there have not been region-wide rain showers, many small areas will see regionally specific blooms that often will last a short time, sometimes less than a week. As this happens, the earlier the Borrego Springs region sees high temperatures in the year, the quicker the flowers disappear after they bloom. Unfortunately, the park does not expect its wildflowers to be in showy abundance, but there are almost always some hidden blooms if visitors can look hard enough.

At Ocotillo wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, it has received about half an inch of rain this winter and does not anticipate any flowers at this point unless there is additional rain soon.

Although this year’s wildflower bloom is expected to be small, the flower blooms may still attracts thousands of visitors to the parks. California State Parks welcomes all to enjoy the wildflowers, and, in the interest of safety and conservation, asks visitors to please respect the iconic landscapes and be knowledgeable of the area, weather and their body limitations. Please visit the park unit webpages and follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Please continue to visit the webpage for further updates.

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