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The Every Kid Outdoors program encourages children and their families to visit their national parks and public lands to build lifelong connections to these places. Fourth grade is unique time in a child's development where they begin to understand how the world around them works in concrete ways and they are more receptive to engaging with nature and the environment.

The Angeles District of California State Parks has been partnering with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SAMO) for more than two years to offer free curriculum-based outdoor education programs at local parks and green spaces through grants from the National Park Foundation. We continue to be committed to bringing outdoor education to students and will be offering a variety of distance learning programs in the Santa Monica Mountains and beyond for Title I students in Los Angeles and Ventura county. Below is a summary of each park site and the virtual learning opportunities they will offer. Sign up to see if your students qualify.

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1) Schools must be in Los Angeles or Ventura County
2) Schools must qualify as Title-1
3) Students must be in 4th grade