Trail Etiquette & Safety

Hiking and Running

Be Aware: Be sure to look out for bikers, equestrians, and other hikers. If they are approaching from behind, they should announce "on your left" meaning you should stay to your right.

Be Alert: Always make sure the trail you are on is a marked trail. Be alert of your surroundings; be sure to listen and to look around. Also be alert of natural hazards, such as poison oak, ticks, rattlesnakes, or hazardous trail conditions.

Be Prepared: Take a hiking buddy, we never recommend hiking alone. Dress appropriately in comfortable shoes and clothing to protect yourself from the elements. Always bring water.

Be Respectful: If you are hiking in a large group, it is important to hike single file so the group does not take up more than half of the trail. Also greet fellow hikers and let them now if you are passing them. Hikers have the right of way to bikers, but must yield to equestrians. 


Mountian Biking

Be Aware: Look out for hikers and equestrians and know that you are to yield to both while on the trail.

Be Alert: Since you are moving the fastest on the trail, always be aware of your speed and make sure adhere to the park’s speed limit. If you have to slow down or pass, make sure to loudly and verbally announce yourself.

Be Prepared: Wear a helmet and protective gear to make sure you can comfortably ride a long distance. Also be familiar with the park’s rules and regulations before entering.

Be Respectful: Always stay on designated trails and make sure to share them. Building illegal single tracks or adding unauthorized trail features not only harms trail access but the landscape as well.


Horseback Riding

Be Aware: Even though you have the right of way on the trail, be aware that bikers and hikers can act unpredictably, so make sure to always have control of the horse.

Be Alert: Watch for other wildlife to prevent the horse from being spooked and be on the lookout for overhanging branches from bushes and trees.

Be Prepared: After rain, check with the state park for closures and trail conditions. Also be conscious of the weather, terrain, and your horse’s condition. Make sure to keep your horse hydrated.

Be Respectful: While on the trail, remain to the right or where safe when encountering others on the trail and make sure to communicate with others so that they know how to pass your horse safely.

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