Uniforms are mandatory and must be worn everyday. Uniforms consist of OUR Carlsbad Junior Lifeguard T-shirt and ANY Navy Blue Trunks for the boys and Navy Blue One or Two Piece racing style suit for the girls. They will be issued a rashguard on the first day.  You are required to bring a pair of fins. Please mark your child's clothing and fins with a permanent marker.

UNIFORM SALES:  will be in the Ponto Parking Lot. DATES TBA  We will answer any question you have at that time.
                           You can always buy uniforms on the first day. We prefer you get them on the set dates before your session starts.

 Check and Cash only. Make checks payable to FCCSB/Lifeguards (Friends of Cardiff and Carlsbad State Beach)                                                                                                                           

Below are items we sell:

  • Manditory JG T-SHIRTS  $8
  • JG SWEATSHIRTS            $22
  • TRUNKS                         $20-$25
  • 1 PIECE                          $32
  • 2 PIECE                          $32
  • FINS                              $30-$45
  • BACK PACK                    $35
  • JG TRUCKER HAT            $10
  • STRAW HAT                    $6-$10
Wear your uniform everyday. Bring the following.
  • Fins - (Write your name on them!!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Food
  • Hat
  • Sun Galsses
  • Sandals
  • Towel
Extras if desired: Sweatshirt, surfboard, body board, wetsuit (Please label all personal items with a permanent marker)
 Please disregard Contact information below.