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Andrew Molera State Park: TRAILS


Up-to-date closures and conditions. MORE >

Trails at Andrew Molera State Park are multi-use and allow for horseback riding, bicycling and hiking. Please extend trail courtesy to all. Hikers and bikers yield to horses. Bikers yield to hikers too. Horses and bicycles are permitted only on authorized trails.

** Please note that the Trail Camp/Headlands Trail has been severely damaged by winter storms and is no longer accessible.

Beach Hiking
2 miles one way
Hike from the mouth of the Big Sur River to Cooper Point. Most of the beach is only accessible during low tide, so use extreme caution and check your tide table to avoid being trapped or carried out to sea. 

Bobcat Trail, Coyote Flat and Cooper Loop Trail **RIVER TRAIL and TWIN COTTONWOODS TRAIL are closed**
5.5 miles roundtrip
This easy network of trails meanders through redwoods and oaks along the Big Sur River. Access trails from the parking lot or any of the gates along Highway One south of the park's main entrance. Hikers allowed on all trails. Bikers only on River and Coyote Flat Trails.

Creamery Meadow Trail
2 miles roundtrip
This easy trail leads to the ocean beach. To get to the trail, you must cross the Big Sur River. A seasonal footbridge is put in place around June 15 and removed around October 31. Use extreme caution when wading across the river. Hikers and bikers allowed.

Ridge Trail
3.2 miles one way
This exposed, strenuous trail rises along the ridge with spectacular views. Hikers and bikers allowed.

Bluffs Trail
1.7 miles one way
Hike along the coast on this easy trail along the bluffs, with the sandy beach and tides below. No access to the beach from this trail until 1.7 miles, where the Spring Trail intersects. Hikers only.

Panorama Trail
1.3 miles one way
Steep and strenuous, with gorgeous panorama views, this trail also traverses a pygmy redwood forest. Hikers only.

Spring Trail
.1 mile one way
This short spur from the Bluffs Trail, leads down to Molera Beach. Hikers only.

East Molera Trail
5 miles roundtrip
This strenuous trail climbs through grasslands and coastal scrub to a small redwood and oak grove and ridge top. An underpass located near the large white barn provides safe access to the trail. Hikers  allowed. Bikers only to beginning of first switchback.


Photograph courtesy of Sharon Pieniak