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ALERTS IN EFFECT for the Big Sur Area

Updated August 16, 2018

Road Closures

Palo Colorado Road
Closed to Bottchers Gap

Trail Closures

GARRAPATA State Park Trails west of Highway 1 are open. Soberanes Canyon Trail is partially open. It will be open exclusively from the main, gated trailhead across from Gate 8 of the Garrapata coastal trail. Hikers will be able to proceed to the back of the canyon along the 1.25 mile length of the trail. It will be an out and back hike since the Rocky Ridge portion of the trail will remain closed due to hazardous conditions

ANDREW MOLERA State Park CLOSED TRAILS: River, Twin Cottonwoods, Hidden, Beach and Trail Camp/Headlands. OPEN TRAILS: Creamery Meadow, Ridge, Bluffs, Panorama, Spring, East Molera, Bobcat and Coyote Flat trails. As of June 20, 2018 the seasonal footbridge is in place to allow easy access across the Big Sur River.
 More trail information at Andrew Molera

PFEIFFER BIG SUR State Park CLOSED TRAILS: Pfeiffer Falls and the Pine Ridge trails. OPEN TRAILS: Gorge, Mount Manuel, Buzzard's Roost, Valley View, Liewald Flats, Redwood Deck, Nature Trail, River Path and Warden’s Path.
 More trail information at Pfeiffer Big Sur

JULIA PFEIFFER BURNS State Park CLOSED TRAILS: Canyon, Ewoldsen, Tanbark, Waters and the Tinhouse Fire Road trails. OPEN TRAILS: Overlook* and Partington Cove trails.
* Note that the McWay Falls Overlook Trail is only partially open due to trail erosion that has caused dangerous conditions. McWay Falls can still be seen from the section of the trail that is open.
 More trail information at Julia Pfeiffer Burns


Campground Closures

ANDREW MOLERA State Park Trail Camp is closed until further notice.

PFEIFFER BIG SUR State Park Group Camp is closed and not available for reservation until further notice.


U.S. Forest Service Lands

PFEIFFER BEACH is open. Call the USFS Monterey District office in King City (831) 385-5434 or visit their web page for more information regarding Pfeiffer Beach.

PINE RIDGE TRAIL and SYKES HOT SPRINGS are closed indefinitely. Call the USFS Monterey District office in King City (831) 385-5434 or visit their web page for more information regarding the Pine Ridge Trail and Sykes Hot Springs.