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 16 years or older? Become a State Lifeguard


APRIL 30th, 2022 at 8:00 AM. 

Click here to register for Session One

Click here to register for Session Two

Note: These links will show as invalid until 8 AM on the date of registration.

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Links to Get Started

Step One:

Make a profile with Reserve California.

Creating a Profile | Reserve California

Step Two:

Add your children as dependents. For instructions, see below.

Step Three:

To register, click the "Activities" tab on the top right of the screen. There are 4 search fields.

You can leave ‘Search Text’ blank

For Category, select ‘Junior Lifeguard’

For Place, select ‘Folsom SRA’

For Choose Date, select the start date of the program you are wishing to enroll in. For first session, select 06/03/2020. For second session, select 07/06/2020.

Folsom Lake Junior Lifeguards will display underneath the search field, select the blue box that says "Show 1 session available.". Note: We have two sessions but they do not run at the same time so given the date you inputted in the date data field, there is only 1 session on that date.

A blue "Sign Up Now" will appear on the left side of the data regarding that session. From there you will continue by selecting the dependent you wish to register and answering all enrollment questions. It will take you to the checkout cart when you are done. If you are registering a second dependent, click ‘continue shopping’ and follow the steps again.


Step Four:

Use this link to log back into your profile at any time.

Logging In | Reserve California

Adding a Dependent