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Chino Hills

“Thank you for providing this to our students! Fantastic Trip.” - Fourth grade teacher

DC School Program

Our programs at Chino Hills State Park all aim to give students a better understanding of the natural and cultural history of the park and how it relates to their lives now and in the future. Our natural history programs cover topics from biodiversity to the hidden geology underfoot while our cultural history programs focus on the most active period of ranching in the park from the 1920s through the 1980s.Bobcat

Come explore these topics with us through a variety of programs designed specifically for K-12 students to engage with the park. Our programs are all designed to correlate with NGSS and HSS content standards for the designated grade level of that program. Our virtual learning programs are adaptable to any grade level.


4th Grade Environmental Program

Discovering Biodiversity 

Our biodiversity program sets out to answer the question: ”How do we identify and protect biodiversity at Chino Hills State Park?” This field trip opportunity gives students a hands on look at the habitats of the park and their inhabitants through a tour of our visitor center exhibits, a biodiversity count on our nature trail, and a hands on activity they get to take home with them at the end of the trip.

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3rd Grade History Program

Exploring Our Ranching Past 

Our ranching history program tells the story of our park from the 1920s through 1980s through the historic structures we still see standing today in our Rolling M. Ranch Historic District. This field trip  gives students the opportunity to hear what life was like for a cattle rancher through role-playing a day in the life of Richard Reed – a former ranch manager and a hands on activity they get to take home with them at the end of the trip.

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All Grade Lelvels

Seeing Nature Through Journaling 

Our student-centered journaling program introduces students to the process of nature journaling. This field trip opportunity gives students the opportunity to make their own connections and experience the park at the level they want to. Students begin by making nature journals and learning how to set up a nature journal. They then are given time to journal on their own before getting in groups and analyzing their journals. last students will end the trip with a fun game enhancing their understanding of making sensory observations.

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Due to current limitations on our school programs, homeschool group requests for programs are not currently available. For other homeschool programs please visit the California State Parks virtual Home Learning Programs page here:

We hope to have a Teacher's Guide available soon for parents to download and use when visiting the park on their own.