California State Park and Recreation Commission

The California State Park and Recreation Commission was created as the State Park Commission in 1927. The Commission has specific authorities and responsibilities which are defined in California law. These include the approval of general plans for units of the State Park System, classifying units of the System, establishing general policies for the guidance of the Director of State Parks in the administration, protection and development of the System, and recommending to the Director a comprehensive recreation policy for the state.

Nine voting commissioners are appointed to staggered four-year terms. The governor appoints the voting members of the Commission; these appointments require Senate confirmation. State law also requires that three of the members represent the public, that one member have demonstrated expertise in cultural or historic resources management, that one member possess a background as a parks professional, that one member represent nonprofit or other organizations with statewide policy experience with the State Park System or in operating one or more state parks through operating agreements or other arrangements, that one member represent a statewide conservation organization with expertise in the administration or programs of the department, that one member have a background in the recreational industry, and that one member represent a local business community that has significant and beneficial relationships with one or more state parks.

The Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Rules Committee each appoint one non-voting ex-officio member to the Commission.

Commissioners may serve for 60 days after their term expiration date as permitted by law.




Portrait of Rue Mapp
Rue Mapp, Vice Chair
April 2, 2015 - January 15, 2023

Portrait of Tommy Randle
Tommy Randle
San Dimas
January 23, 2017 - January 15, 2021

Portrait of Diane Wittenberg
Diane Wittenberg
San Marino
February 27, 2014 - January 15, 2022

Portrait of Phil Ginsburg
Phil Ginsburg
San Francisco
August 19, 2019-January 15, 2022


Commission Ex-Officio Members

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia imageAssemblymember Eduardo Garcia
Coachella Valley
Appointed by: Speaker of the Assembly
Biography of Eduardo Garcia

Senator Henry Stern imageSenator Henry Stern
Canoga Park
Appointed by: Senate Rules Committee
Biography of Henry Stern