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New Transformation Project Report Available

 August 2016

We are excited to announce that the second edition of the Transformation Progress Report has been released, highlighting an updated set of Transformation initiatives accomplished thus far and that are currently underway.

 Featured accomplishments include:

  • Opening up positions to candidates from broader and more diverse backgrounds so that the workforce at the Department more closely represents the diverse demographics of the state.
  • Implementing a more comprehensive district budget allocation process that is synced to the annual budget process with a more detailed tracking of current fiscal year expenditures. Districts not only get their budgets on time, but are involved in the allocation process months before the start of the fiscal year.
  • Creating a new partnerships office.
  • Continuing to pilot expansion of cabins throughout the state.
  • Awarding a new comprehensive reservation system contract that will improve overall customer services, increase the speed of transactions and create more open access to data.
  • Continuing the assessment and expansion of Wi-Fi access at state parks.

This moment in time is pivotal for the California Department of Parks and Recreation. The level of commitment by the administration, legislature and various stakeholders to make long-lasting transformative change has created a unique opportunity for all who love California’s state parks. We invite you to read this report that highlights our latest progress and provide us with your feedback at