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Fishing Tournaments

Fishing Tournaments of any size require a DPR Special Event Permit, in addition to the Department of Fish and Game permit.

Completed packet:
1. Special Event Permit
2. Copies of the Department of Fish and Game Permit(s)
3. Certificate of General Liability Insurance.
4. Payment of required permit fees to California Department of Parks and Recreation

Please download and thoroughly read the following Fishing Tournament Permit Packet and follow the instructions in order to apply for a Fishing Tournament event date at Lake Perris SRA.

  Fishing Tournament Permit Packet (Excel)

NOTICE: As of 8/31/2015, TOURNAMENTS will not be allowed Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. Tournaments may be approved for weekdays.

Due to the drought, the park is down to a single launch ramp and wait times are such that we can not ensure a prompt afternoon launch time for tournament participants. When the park has a second launch ramp again, we will revisit the issue of tournaments on summer weekends.