Lake Perris can be a nice area to have your wedding and/or reception. It is recommended that you come view the sites before making any arrangements.

The following prices include the Special Event Permit, and an alcohol waiver and ranger monitor for the stated duration. The alcohol waiver is the driving factor of the price for weddings. To serve alcohol at your wedding in the Group Picnic or Lake View Pavilion, you must have an alcohol waiver and ranger monitor for a minimum of 4 hours. Once the waiver expires, the alcohol must be removed from the premises.

Hours of use are between 8:00 am and 1 hour before park closing. All equipment and decorations must be removed from the park 1 hour before park closure.

Group Picnic Wedding
This is at one of the outdoor Group Picnic areas and includes the use of 1 unit (200 people maximum) and 38 vehicle passes. Extra guests beyond the 38 vehicles get 50% off of parking.

For 4 hours: $646.00
For 8 hours: $962.00

Lakeview Pavilion
This is an indoor location located at Lot 9 near the Moreno swim beach. It includes a full kitchen and has a capacity for 130 people. Guests will get 50% off of parking.

For 4 hours: $641.00
For 8 hours: $1,257.00

For lakeside ceremonies

The beach areas are non-reservable public day use areas. Small wedding receptions are allowed on the beach, but may not include PA systems, amplified music, decorations, catering, etc. Receptions, amplified music, decorations are limited to the Lakeview Pavilion and the Group Picnic area.

Equipment Setup and Décor

All décor shall be temporary in nature and completely removed at the conclusion of an event. Set-up and break-down shall be completed between posted check-in and check-out hours. Equipment set-up, décor, and activities plan shall be fully disclosed, pre-approved, and included in the Special Event Application. Applicant shall also provide a detailed site plan indicating event site layout, a complete set-up and breakdown schedule, and complete décor plan no later than 14 days prior to the event.

Site Clean-up

The permitee is responsible for any damage sustained as a result of the event. They are also responsible for final clean-up of the property. This includes trash, cigarette butts, food particles, toys, candy wrappers, and anything else left by anyone related to the event.