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Chuparosa BloomApril 17, 2018

With only about an inch of rain this winter, conditions have not been good for a very impressive display of annual wildflowers this spring. But at the Visitor Center, ocotillos are still blooming, and a careful observer can find a few cactus blossoms here and there. Our palo verde trees are starting to show their delightful yellow flowers, and the desert willow has gorgeous purple-and-pink orchid-like blooms!

A drive along Highway 78 west of Tamarisk Grove campground is worthwhile, for the agave stalks in bloom there.


Day Use Fees: developed campground areas $10 per car, every day; Visitor Center $10 per car, Fri-Sat-Sun and Holidays

If you would like to receive updates as different wildflowers start coming into bloom, we suggest that you check back here, or join the
email list of our nonprofit partner, Anza-Borrego Foundation.

You can also call our Wildflower Hotline at 760-767-4684.

Scroll down to see photos of wildflowers from previous seasons.

Park Volunteer Sam Webb took these "Before" and "After" photos that show how responsive ocotillos are to moisture in the soil.

Photos by Park Volunteer Sam Webb

Blair Valley Wildflowers

Desert Chicory Desert Gold Poppy Phacelia


Dandelion Monkey flower



Beavertail Cactus Blossom Orcutt Aster by Mike Bigelow Fishhook Cactus

Fishhook Cactus (Mammillaria)
photo by Park Volunteer Mike Bigelow

Blossoms and Buds: Beavertail Cactus at the Visitor Center (S Theriault)

The pictures below are from previous years' wildflower seasons. 

Orcutt Aster by Park Volunteer Mike Bigelow

Desert Woolstar photo by Mike Bigelow
Desert Woolstar by Park Volunteer Mike Bigelow

Apricot Mallow
Apricot Mallow by Park Volunteer Mike Bigelow

Phacelia (Wild Heliotrope) photo by Park Volunteer Grace Clark
Phacelia (Wild Heliotrope)
photo by Park Volunteer Grace Clark

Pink Cheesebush by Grace Clark for webpage
Pink-blooming Cheesebush
photo by Park Volunteer Grace Clark
Barrel Cactus
     Barrel Cactus