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The Cost of the program is $300

When you register you will have to pay by Credit Card.


Dates & Session:

Dates for 2018:

All Sessions meet Monday - Friday

          Session 1    June 18th - July 6th                 9:00am - 2:00pm

          Session 2    July 9th  -  July 26th                9:00am - 2:00pm

          Session 3    July 30th - August 16th           9:00am - 2:00pm (FULL)

Time: Start promptly at 9:00am and dismiss children at 2:00pm. Plan on dropping your child off by 8:45am and picking them up no later than 2:15pm

Location: Our program is held between towers 6 and 7 at Torrey Pines State Beach. You will be given a sticker that allows you to enter the parking lot to drop off and pick up your child without paying the parking fee.

Uniforms are mandatory and must be worn everyday. Uniforms consist of the turquoise junior lifeguard T-shirt and navy blue trunks for the boys and navy blue one or two piece racing style suit for the girls. They will be issued a rashguard on the first day. Please mark your child's name on clothing with a permanent pen.

What do I bring?


*Kids cannot leave beach, so do not just give them money

Extras: Sweat shirt, own surfboard (if desired), body board, fins, wetsuit
(Please label all own items with a permanent marker)

Typical Day

Roll Call & Stretching

Vitamin - One Daily
  • Run, Swim
  • Run-Swim-Run
  • Paddle


  • Beach Ecology, Marine Life
  • Ocean Safety, Tides and Waves
  • Lifeguard Procedures
  • First Aid, Introduction to CPR
Free Swim/Reces
  • Swimming, Body Surfing
  • Surfing, Bodyboarding
Lunch & Sunscreen

  • Capture the Flag, Beach Flags
  • Tag Games, Musical Balls
Practice Ocean & Beach Skills
  • Run Relay, Dolphin Relay
  • Paddle Relay, Swim Relay
Clean Up, Announcements, & Dismissal

What do I do? It's Raining!?

#1 Remain calm! It does do this weird raining thing in Southern California on occasion.
#2 We will still be meeting, unless it is just miserable.

*If we cancel during mid day, we will have the children call you for an early pick up. No make up days for rain outs.

 Disregard The information below!