Typical Day

Drop off and pick up will be in The Torrey Pines State Beach North Parking Lot off Carmel Valley Road.

Drop off and pick up will be next the the Junior Lifeguard Office at the North end of the Lot.

Typical Day

Roll Call & Stretching
          BE ON TIME!!!

Vitamin - One Daily
  • Run, Swim
  • Run-Swim-Run
  • Paddle


  • Beach Ecology, Marine Life
  • Ocean Safety, Tides and Waves
  • Lifeguard Procedures
  • First Aid, Introduction to CPR
Free Swim/Recess
  • Swimming, Body Surfing
  • Surfing, Bodyboarding
Lunch & Sunscreen
          Junior Guards may not leave the beach for Lunch!

  • Capture the Flag, Beach Flags
  • Tag Games, Musical Balls
Practice Ocean & Beach Skills
  • Run Relay, Dolphin Relay
  • Paddle Relay, Swim Relay
Clean Up, Announcements, & Dismissal

What do I do? It's Raining!?

We will meet if it is raining!  We will cancel if there is thunder & lightening or if it looks like it will be heavy rain for the majority of the day.  We will have your child call you for early pick up. No make up days for rain outs.

torreypinesjgs@gmail.com 858 792-4702


  Disregard the contact information below!