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Carlsbad State Junior Lifeguards

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Junior Guard Program

The Carlsbad Junior Lifeguard program’s goal is to educate the community’s youth ages 9-16 about ocean safety and recreation. Through extensive ocean interaction, exploration, and recreation, the Junior Guards gain a well-rounded education that can be utilized on and off the beach. By the end of the program each Junior Guard will have a heightened awareness and knowledge of the expansive Pacific Ocean and its dangerous, yet wonderful, coastline.

Contact Carlsbad JR Lifeguard! 

Phone: 760-479-2000

TAX ID # 68 0303 606

We Want To Thank The Following

Witt's Carlsbad Pipelines Surf Shop for helping out with our end of the year Gift Certificates.

Ruby's Diner in Carlsbad for sponsoring us with kids meals, Root beer Floats and Dinners for 2.

John Wayne Cancer Foundation LogoJohn Wyane Cancer Foundation

Cliff Bar for their Bars.

You all make the program better with your donations.



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