Get Involved

Get Involved

Support Redwood Conservation and Outreach 

Redwood Parks Conservancy (RPC) is an officlal nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, California State Parks, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service. RPC was established to foster understanding, enjoyment and stewardship of our public lands through educational outreach, visitor services, and support of our partners entrusted with the care of public lands along California’s far north coast. You can become a steward of Redwood National and State Parks by making a donation at the Redwood Parks Conservancy website. Donations are used to fund essential projects and critical needs which the public agencies alone cannot provide.

Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored California redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish. The Save the Redwoods League purchases redwood forests and the surrounding lands needed to nurture them; regenerates logged forests so they become spectacular havens for future generations; studies how to best protect and restore these global treasures; and introduces people to these special places. By donating making a donation at the Save the Redwoods League website, you can support their conservation efforts, and find out more ways to get involved in protecting our redwood parks.

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you enjoy visiting California State Parks frequently, purchasing a parks pass at the California State Parks Pass website is an excellent way to save money and support your state parks!

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? To apply, visit the Redwood National and State Parks volunteer page.

Check out the North Coast Redwoods District Facebook page for upcoming events, volunteer activities, and engaging videos and livestreams.