2014 Trails and Greenways Conference


2014 California Trails & Greenways Conference

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2014 THEME
Interpretation --Conveying Values, Promoting Stewardship, Creating Legacies
With several significant trail related anniversaries taking place in 2014, the California Trails & Greenways Conference will explore how volunteers, advocates and agencies can convey trails' values in a manner that will promote support as a treasured legacy for generations to come.

Those of us who know trails understand that these pathways do more than simply lead us to a destination. In many ways they are themselves a destination -- filled with history, mystery, nature, lessons and awe -- sometimes subtle, sometimes as brilliant as the moon.

For those yet to be touched by trails' magic, how can we effectively convey to them the quiet, but life essential values trails' provide? How do we relay compelling stories that will truly be heard by our peers and neighbors, our elected representatives, our children and grandchildren? How do we provide clear, consistent messages of trails' benefits, and why stewardship and financial support are worthy investments?

Join us, as we explore a wide range of interpretive tools and techniques for effectively conveying our trail stories, while also addressing a diverse range of trail topics in order to firmly establish trail legacies for the future.

The 30th California Trails & Greenways Conference will be held April 22-24, 2015, located the Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite. A special lodging rate has been secured for those referencing the "California Trails & Greenways Conference". For more information on last years' conference offerings, such as program schedule, educational sessions, workshops, keynote speakers, visit our 2014 Trails & Greenways Conference page.

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Concurrent sessions offering valuable lessons in effective trail program management that stretches public dollars further. Learn about successful strategies and funding mechanisms that can help your trails prosper. The 2014 Program Schedule and Fees aee listed below.
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2014 Educational Session Descriptions
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10 Innovative Trail Practices for Development and Deployment
2013 Accessibility Guidelines for Trail Design Construction
Accessibility Summit for Outdoor Developed Areas (Beneficial Designs)
Accessibility Summit for Outdoor Developed Areas (Travis Segebart)
America’s Rails-with-Trails - A Resource for Planners, Agencies and Advocates
Backcountry Horseman of California
Can the Trails Community Develop Stable Maintenance Funding
Conserving Connectivity-The Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Cons. Plan
Creating Self-Guided Interpretive Walks
CV Link (Coachella Valley) - A New Paradigm In Trail Design (workshop)
CV Link (Coachella Valley) - A New Paradigm In Trail Design
Developing a Program To Address Trail Conflict
Funding Trails in CA - It's a New Ballgame!
Funding Trails in California - It's a New Ballgame!
Happy Trails Mix - Uniting Volunteers, Staff & Management in Trail Stewardship
Help! I Need Somebody. Help! Not Just Anybody

HETAP-UTAP Introduction and Overview Visuals
HETAP-UTAP Measurements Visuals
HETAP-UTAP Tools & Calibration Visuals
HETAP-UTAP Main Screen Visuals
HETAP-UTAP Application and Dissemination Visuals
HETAP-UTAP Questions Visuals
HETAP Data Management
HETAP-UTAP Summary Visuals
IM Slides
Interpretive Elements - Adding Interest and Value To Trails
Little Trails Big Impacts - Compton Creek Natural Park
Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network
Navigating NEPA For Trail Projects
NIMBY to YIMBY - Localist Acronym Game
NIMBY to YIMBY - The Path To Successfully Addressing Trail Opposition
Outdoor Economy Growth Engine for the Big Bear Valley - handout
Outdoor Economy Growth Engine for the Big Bear Valley
Outdoor Economy Growth Engine for the Big Bear Valley - text for presentation
Park To Playa Trails
Partnerships, Joint Land Management & Cooperative Relationships
 Link to other resources: Partnerships - CA Trails Conference 2014
Preserving Urban Equestrians
Promoting Trails with Maps, Media & Mobile Apps
Road and Trail Management Plan & Criteria Based Decision Making
Telling the Story

The Multiple Identity of Parks
The Nation’s Most Ambitious Trail Project that Isn’t -CVAG
The Old Spanish Trail Unique 21st Century Challenges
Trail Transformation from Burris Pit to Anaheim Coves
Trailhead Labs
Trails are Where the Magic Happens
Trails, Interpretation and Connecting Visitors to Resources
Urban Trails and Youth Engagement in Boyle Heights
User Capacity - Art or Science (Andrea Gullo)
User Capacity - Art or Science (Measuring and Monitoring User Capacity - Collins)
User Capacity - Art or Science (Melanie Beck)
Utility Corridors - Expanding the Meaning of Multi-Use (Armond Ghazarian, PE)
Utility Corridors - Expanding the Meaning of Multi-Use (Claire Robinson)
Utility Corridors - Expanding the Meaning of Multi-Use (L.A. Co. Dept. of Parks and Rec.)
Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol Training Essentials
Working Trails and Greenways into Master Plans

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