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Trails at Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP

Waterfall Overlook Trail
The wheelchair accessible trail starts from the south parking lot or can be accessed from the stairs a crossed from the restroom near the north parking lot.  The trail travels under the highway and you head north to the overlook.  Along the trail you will get magnificent views of McWay Cove with the beach below that was created from a land slide that happened north of the park in 1983.  Once at the overlook you will have a north to south view of the Pacific Ocean and a chance to spot migrating whales.  The California Condors also are spotted in the Eucalyptus trees near the overlook.  The trail is 0.64.miles/1.02km round trip from the parking lot. 
Canyon Trail
The trail starts at the east end of the parking lot and follows McWay Creek to a 60 foot Canyon Falls waterfall where the trail ends.  Please stay on the trail in this area the habitat is sensitive and recovering from the Basin Complex Fire in 2008.  The trail is 0.25miles /.40km miles one way from the parking lot to the waterfall.

Ewoldsen Trail
The trail starts on the Canyon trail and starts gaining elevation to the views of the area once out of the trees.  This trail splits into a loop after 1.5 miles.  The loop is just over 2 miles long.  The total trail with the loop from the parking lot and back is about 5 miles / 8km.  This trail has some good elevation gain and loss but will great rewarding views of the coast and ocean.  (The east portion of the loop is currently under construction and not open to public access.)

Waters Trail
The Waters Trail is a connecter trail from the Ewoldsen trail to the Tin House fire road which connects with the Tan Bark Trail.  The trail is approximately 1 mile from the Ewoldsen trail to Tin House Road. 

Tan Bark Trail
The trail starts at the Partington Cove turnout and heads east following Partington Creek before a series of switchbacks that lead to the coastal ridge tops.  The trail ends at Tin House Fire Road.  The trail is 3.2 miles / 5.1km one way from Highway 1 turnout to Tin House Road. 

Tinhouse Fire Road
Tinhouse Fire Road is a dirt road closed to public vehicle access but is accessible for hiking.  It starts on the east side of Highway 1 near the Partington Vista Point turnout.  It leads to the top of the ridge at to a location of a historic house made from tin.  The trail is 2.3 miles one way from Highway 1 to the end at the house.  The Tan Bark Trail and the Waters connection trail can be accessed off the road. 

Partington Cove Trail
The trail leads down to the Pacific Ocean from Highway 1 starting at the Partington Cove turnout.  The trail is a dirt fire road that goes west from the highway.  The trail goes to the bottom of the canyon where you will reach Partington Creek.  The trail splits north and south.  The north trail leads to a small rocky beach.  Surf conditions can be very rough and swimming or wading is not advised.  The south fork of the trail leads through a historic tunnel to an overlook which once was a loading dock for ships.  Do not travel past the overlook bench the surf can be unpredictable and the rocks are unstable.