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California in Time: the Fight over Slavery Through the Civil War

This timeline lists and explains important events related to slavery and the Civil War, and their causes and consequences, in the context of California's role in the nation's history between 1850 and 1865. It includes names of any California state parks connected with each event, as well as the approximate locations for all other events.

To aid those who wish to study specific topics, many of the events are categorized under six thematic headings: the Fight over Slavery, Connecting the West, Secession Crisis, Competing Cultures, Indian Wars, and Civil War. The introduction provides an overview of how slavery and the Civil War affected California, and also gives more information on each of these themes and how they pertain to California's Civil War history.

California in Time: 1850-1865

Introduction (PDF, 209 KB)
Timeline (PDF, 3.3 MB)
References (PDF, 37 KB)