Community Climbs

Connecting people to their parks. Join the Movement. Exercise your LEGacy!

Available NOW in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties!

You have friends in high places! Join the movement, exercise your LEGacy, gather a group together and hike up a trail to some of the most beautiful views in California! Accessible climbs, and climbs for different abilities are available!
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California State Parks is the largest state park system in the nation, with 280 priceless natural and cultural places that belong to you. The movement to preserve land for public use began with a grass roots effort in 1864. Without the movement, our rich natural landscapes and cultural treasures may have been lost forever.  This is your legacy and here is your opportunity to show how you protect and preserve open space, nature, and your cultural heritage.

Sign up for a FREE guided or self-guided Community Climb at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Point Mugu State Park, or Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park. More climbs at other parks across the state may become available.

To sign up for a free Community Climb at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park or Point Mugu State Park contact:
Los Angeles and Ventura Climb Coordinator
310-558-5547 or

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Find out more about your public lands and places with:
Division of Boating and Waterways
National Park Service
U.S. Department of Forestry
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Los Angeles County Parks
Los Angeles City Parks
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority