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Director's Recognition Awards

The Director’s Recognition Awards Program recognizes exceptional and outstanding accomplishments that model behaviors that further the mission, goals, and core values of California State Parks. Recognition categories include leadership and vision, inspiration, integrity, and innovation. All employees—regardless of classification, level, time base, or pay status—are eligible for recognition. If appropriate, more than one award may be granted in each category.

The Director’s Recognition Awards Program is a statewide program that recognizes outstanding performance. It is not meant to be limited by division, district, or unit level. Employees are encouraged to informally and formally recognize achievements and efforts throughout the year. The program is also intended to remind Department employees of the proud heritage of public service that has become a tradition with the California State Park System. This tradition has been established and shaped by some of the most important and inspiring figures in the history of the American Parks Movement. (For more information on the inspiring people for whom these awards were named, visit the Award Categories & Descriptions tab on right.)


Please click here to visit the employee intranet site to download nomination forms.

2017 Director’s Recognition Awards Program

The 2017 Director’s Recognition Awards Program will be held on Thursday, January 31 from 10a.m. to noon. To view the live stream, please click here.