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Sonoma SHP Facilities Management Plan


Scott Green
Associate State Archaeologist
Acquisition and Development Division - Planning Section
California State Parks
Phone: 916-445-8772

Sonoma State Historic Park

PDF Files:
Blue Wing Use Plan Study

Toscano HSR_2013.pdf

The Sonoma State Historic Park (SHP) Facilities Management Plan (FMP) is intended to help guide use and management of facilities while protecting resources at the park unit. The scope of the FMP includes only the downtown properties of the park, namely the Blue Wing Adobe Inn, the Toscano Hotel complex and Casa Grande areas, the Sonoma Barracks, Mission San Francisco Solano, the Barracks parking lot and two adjacent fields.

Managment and use decisions in the FMP will be based on resource sensitivity, CA historic building code (, interpretive needs, public interest, and revenue potential. Resource inventories including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Historic Structures Reports (HSRs), and archaeological investigations have been conducted and will guide the results of the FMP.

Public meetings were held to discuss the project (6/27/13) and the results of the Toscano HSR (3/19/14). Input from the public as well as Caifornia State Parkls staff will be instrumental in the decision making process.
Staff is preparing the Draft FMP and anticipates completion by June 2015.

Please check this website for updates regarding specific meeting dates and locations. Question and comments can be submitted to Scott Green,
We look forward to hearing what you have to say about Sonoma SHP.

Sonoma SHP FMP Management Zones

Proposed Blue Wing Inn Courtyard facility programming concept:

Proposed Sonoma artifact, archival, and administration facility programming concept:

Proposed parking facility programming alternative concepts:

Focused Parking Alternative A1:
Parking a

Focused Parking Alternative A2:
parking b