Parks with possible partnership agreements

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These are the parks where partnership negotiations are in progress and agreements may still be possible. These parks will stay accessible to the public beyond July 1 if good-faith negotiations between a park partner and State Parks continue. If a park is closed and an agreement becomes possible, the park could be reopened

  • D-Donor Agreement – Operated by State Parks
  • OG-Operating Agreement, Gov’t – No day-to-day state services or operations
  • ONP-Operating Agreement, Non-profit (PRC 5080.42) No day-to-day state services or operations
  • C-Concession Agreement – State Parks retains oversight
  • Other- Variable

  1. Anderson Marsh SP
  2. Bidwell Mansion SHP
  3. Point Cabrillo Light Station SHP
  4. Railtown 1897 SHP
  5. Hendy Woods SP
  6. Fort Tejon SHP
  7. Leland Stanford Mansion SHP
  8. Morro Strand SB
  9. Olompali SHP
  10. Standish-Hickey SRA
  11. Castle Crags SP
  12. Salton Sea State Recreation Area   
  13. Benbow Lake SRA
  14. China Camp SP
  15. Candlestick Point SRA
  16. Westport Union Landing SP
  17. Garrapata SP
  18. Greenwood SB
  19. Malakoff Diggings SHP
  20. Manchester SP
  21. Moss Landing SB
  22. Picacho SRA
  23. Saddleback Butte SP
  24. San Pasqual Battlefield SHP
  25. William B. Ida Adobe SHP
Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association
Save the Mansion effort
Concession Agreement
D-Co-op and Tuolumne Co.
D-New non-profit group/SRL
D-Fort Tejon Historical Assoc.
Interagency funding agreement with Legislature
ONP-Three non-profits submitting proposals.
ONP-Non-profit, MSPA
D- In negotiations
D- In negotiations
D-Agreement being explored.
C-Bid for Concession
Calif. State Parks Foundation exploring options
D-Being explored
Local agreement
Donor agreement
Donor agreement
Operating agreement
Local agreement
Donor agreement
Donor agreement
Operating agreement
Donor agreement