Parks with partnership agreements

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These are parks where agreements --- Operating, Donor or Concession ---will keep the park accessible to the public.

  • D-Donor Agreement – Operated by State Parks
  • OG-Operating Agreement, Gov’t – No day-to-day state services or operations
  • ONP-Operating Agreement, Non-profit (PRC 5080.42) No day-to-day state services or operations
  • C-Concession Agreement – State Parks retains oversight
  • Other- Variable

  1. Antelope Valley Indian Museum
  2. Colusa-Sacramento River Tate
    Recreation Area (SRA)
  3. Del Norte Coast Redwoods
    State Park (SP)
  4. Henry W. Coe SP
  5. McGrath State Beach (SB)
  6. Mono Lake Tufa State
    Natural Res. (SRA)
  7. Samuel P. Taylor SP
  8. Tomales Bay SP
  9. South Yuba River SHP
  10. Jug Handle SNR
  11. Plumas-Eureka SP
  12. Jack London SHP 
  13. Santa Cruz Mission SHP
  14. Bothe-Napa Valley SP
  15. Bale Grist Mill SHP
  16. Benicia Capitol SHP 
  17. Grizzly Creek Redwoods SP
  18. Sugarloaf Ridge SP
  19. Palomar Mountain SP
  20. Petaluma Adobe SHP
  21. Los Encinos SHP
  22. Santa Susana SHP
  23. Weaverville Joss House SHP
  24. Castle Rock SP
  25. Shasta SHP
  26. Turlock Lake SRA**
  27. Woodson Bridge SRA**
  28. Brannan Island SRA **
  29. Governor’s Mansion SHP
  30. Limekiln SP
  31. Portola Redwoods SP
  32. Annadel SP
  33. Pio Pico SHP
  34. Austin Creek SP
  35. George J. Hatfield SRA
  36. McConnell SRA
  37. Twin Lakes SB
  38. Russian Gulch SP
  39. Fort Humboldt SHP
  40. Tule Elk SNR
  41. Saddleback Butte SP
D – Donation
OG – City of Colusa to operate


D – Donation from CPPF   
D- Donation/grants
C-Bodie Foundation

Other – County agreement 
D-Olmsted donation and Foundation matching $$
D-Plumas-Eureka Foundation 
ONP- Non-profit Valley of the Moon Interpretive Association
D-Donor Agreement - Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks
OG- Napa Valley Reg. Parks and Open Space District
OG-Napa Valley Reg. Parks and Open Space District
OG – City of Benicia and Benicia State Parks Association
OG – Humboldt County, with fund help from
Save the Redwoods
OG-Team Sugarloaf
D-Donor Agreement, Friends of Palomar State Park
D-Donor Agreement - Sonoma-Petaluma State
Historic Park Association
D- Los Encinos Task Force with donor/gift support
D-Santa Susana Mountain ParkAssociation
D- Weaverville Joss House Association
D-Sempervirens Fund, Portola and Castle Rock Foundations
D-Shasta Historical Society and town of
Shasta Interpretive Association
C – American Land and Leisure
C – American Land and Leisure
C – American Land and Leisure
D-Co-op Assoc. and donation  
C-Private park companies
D-Save the Redwoods League, Peninsula Open Space Trust, 
and Portola-Castle Rock Foundation
OG --Sonoma Regional Parks
D -- City of Whittier and Friends of Pio Pico
ONP--Stewards of Coast and Redwoods
D-Local donor group
D-Local donor group
Open with service reductions
Open with service reductions
Open with service reductions
D – Bella Vista Water District
D- Save Saddleback Committee