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Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean-up Reservations

*Please send in request 15 days in advance*

We offer free bags and gloves to clean-up participants, but encourage you to bring your own re-usable supplies. Our staff will gladly provide your group with an informative Beach Clean-up Safety/ Ecological Talk. We also conduct a short Marine Debris Awareness Talk in which a staff member will educate your group about the decomposition rate of various items that are found on the beach and recycling. This talk is a great foundation for any beach clean-up. 


If your group would like to dedicate only 3 days a year to help keep our beach clean, then Adopt-A-Beach is for you. This activity is sponsored by the California Coastal Commission and upon completion of 3 clean-ups your group will receive a certificate of recognition. School groups can fulfill the obligation with a single clean-up. All participants must fill out a waiver each time they hold a beach clean-up.

Adopt-A-Beach Application & State Park Addendum

Adopt-A-Beach Waivers (English & Spanish)

Adopt-A-Beach Information Packet


Beach Clean-up Reservation Request

Beach Clean-up Information Letter

This application is only for groups who would like to participate in one clean-up during the year. Please fill out the request form below and attach one of the release forms (the form that is most relevant for you and/or your group). Minors under 18 must have their parent/ guardian sign their release form.

1. Volunteer Group Services Agreement (For a recognized volunteer group such as Boy Scouts, etc… self-insured groups.)

2. Parental/ Guardian Permission Form (For juvenile volunteers with parent/ guardian permission.) One form per child in the same family.

3. Special Project or Activity Sign-In (for an adult group beach clean-up.)

Fill out and fax/email/mail Adopt-A-Beach & Beach Clean-up requests to:

Elizabeth Bailey
21601 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Office: 714-377-9073  

Please call or email with any questions or concerns.

Our park greatly benefits from the volunteers who keep our beaches clean.  Thank you for dedicating your time to us!


Three organizations hold monthly clean-ups at our beach. You can find the dates and information at their respective websites.


Orange County Coastkeeper: (in conjunction with Coastal Conservation Network & Coastal Playground):

Coastal Angels: