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Angel Island SP

Purpose of General Development Plan Amendment

The existing General Development Plan for Angel Island State Park (adopted May 5, 1978, and published in 1979) includes language that may restrict public use of historic buildings at the former Angel Island Immigration Station.  This Amendment focuses on the historic significance of the Immigration Station and its remaining buildings, with emphasis on the Hospital Building.  This Amendment clarifies the Department’s intent for consideration of public access, rehabilitation, and appropriate adaptive uses of these historic buildings.  

The Angel Island Immigration Station was listed as a National Historic Landmark in 1997.  Many of the original buildings are still standing, including the Hospital Building, constructed in 1910.

Angel Island Immigration Station - General Development Plan Amendment, December 2005

California State Park and Recreation Commission Action

The California State Park and Recreation Commission met on May 12, 2006 at its regular meeting in San Juan Bautista, California, for approval of the Angel Island State Park General Plan Amendment and Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND).
Commission Action: Resolution 17-2006 for adoption on May 12, 2006

Project Description Summary
The Department of Parks and Recreation proposes to make the improvements described herein to the historic Hospital Building at Angel Island State Park.  The following is a summary of the planned improvements: 
• Stabilize and rehabilitate the exterior and interior of the Hospital Building.  When complete the Hospital Building will include space for a house museum, interpretive center, library, assembly areas, genealogical research facility, and administrative center.
• Final connection of utilities previously routed to the building.
• Adjacent site work including repairing/restoring site paving and access around the building, replacing historic fencing, and rehabilitating the recreation yard.
• Installation of a subsurface drainage system around the building as necessary to solve water drainage problems.
• Amend the 1979 Angel Island General Development Plan to allow public access to the Hospital Building.

Complete Project Description
Hospital Building Rehabilitation - Final Initial Study/MND and Notice of Determination for Angel Island State Park