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10:00 a.m.
Saturday, May 9
Del Monte Beach
(near Beach and Tide Street)

1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. by appointment (assigned upon completion of try-out)
Sunday, May 10
2211 Garden Road LGHQ
Monterey, CA 93940


The Junior Lifeguard Assistant Program is a volunteer job development program for youths ages 15 - 18. The program provides veteran Junior Lifeguards with the skills and experience needed for future employment as a professional Lifeguard.

Volunteer Assistants work under the close supervision of the Junior Lifeguard instructor staff to help safeguard the Junior Lifeguard Program area during all aquatic and beach activities.


Because such a large number of our assistants become professional Seasonal Lifeguards, it has been decided that the Assistant Program will be more like that position, though they will still work on a volunteer basis. Assistants will now be hired based on swimming ability, work ethic, availability for trainings and sessions, responsibility and accountability, ocean experience, and willingness to be a role model to the Junior Guards. Just like our Seasonal Lifeguards, they will pass a swim test (500 yard swim, 100 yard run 200 yard swim 100 yard run) in the ocean. Upon completion of the swim test in reasonable time, the top half will be given an interview time for later that afternoon. This is an interview to be dressed and prepared for.


Following acceptance, there will be two training days before beginning of Session I on June 9th. 

Training Days - Note: These are the training days, despite what you may have heard otherwise. All Assistants must be present at Tower 1 (google Best Western Beach Hotel Monterey, the Tower is directly off the NorthWest Corner) at 0900 on Sunday June 1. - Maryan, May 29, 2014

1. Sunday June 1st 0900 - 1500 Tower 1 @ Monterey State Beach
2. Sunday June 8th 0900 - 1500 Tower 1 @ Monterey State Beach

The sessions will consist of medical training including:
-C-spine precautions
-Oxygen therapy 
-Life-threatening bleeding
-Rescue board skills
-Rescue recognition 
-Mock rescues

We also expect that the assistants will attend other Junior Guard functions, such as the Junior Guard tryouts at the Monterey Sports Center. They will be respected, well trained and better prepared for job searching in the future.


To sign up, we ask that a parent or guardian show up at the beach on the day of the tryout with the completed/necessary paperwork for their minor (see below).

2015 Assistant and JG Tryouts Itinerary

Please print, read and fill out the forms listed below.

Assistant Permission Form
Assistant Application

Thank you!