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The required Monterey Junior Lifeguard Program uniform is the white t-shirt with the Junior Lifeguard logo (this item is included in the course fees) and a solid, navy blue swimsuit. Navy blue sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended for warmth on cold mornings, but are not required.

All Junior Lifeguard Program participants MUST wear the required uniform for camaraderie and safety. The uniforms allow the instructors to safely monitor the children and distinguish them from non-Junior Lifeguard participants.

For your benefit, the Monterey Junior Lifeguard Program offers these high quality items at or near wholesale prices. Tax is included in the price, and all proceeds go directly back into the Junior Lifeguard program.


*We will only be accepting CHECKS or CASH for uniforms. Thank you for understanding!



Extra white t-shirts with JG logo
(adult sizes S, M, L, XL)



Navy blue sweatpants with JG logo
(youth M, L & adult S, M, L)



Navy blue hooded sweatshirt with JG logo
(youth L & adult S, M, L, XL)



Navy blue surf trunks unisex
(youth L & adult S, M, L, XL)



Navy Blue surf trunks (new school)
(sizes 22 - 36)



Navy blue girls one piece swimsuit
(sizes 24-38)



Navy blue tonga/sun hats with JG bear
(one size fits all)


*One white JG T-shirt is included in the course fees. Boys shorts/trunks may be purchased from the "Monterey Junior Lifeguard Student Store" or anywhere.

To purchase any merchandise, come to either of the parent meetings. You may also pick up uniform items in the mornings of the first week of the program.

*Wetsuits: The ocean is very cold in Monterey (53 degrees on average!!!), therefore full wetsuits are highly recommended for the JG Program participants. A good wetsuit will allow your child to enjoy ocean activities in relative comfort and will also provide an added measure of safety. A 4/3 mm full wetsuit is recommended and is offered at a discounted price by local surf shops in the Monterey Bay area. For additional wetsuit information, please call (831) 649-7144.

*Fins: Although we provide swim fins for the JR Guards in the program, we reccommend that JR Guards come with their own pairs of fins--in the off season, the kids should have their own pairs, so they are safe in the ocean. The types that we use are: Voit Duckfeet, DaFin, or Viper. Any other fins are not recccommended for our program, as they're probably not effective for the exercise we do and conditions we experience.