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The Monterey Junior Lifeguard Program is taught by certified California State Parks Lifeguards.

PWC Training Asilomar Beach 2014
Each Lifeguard is a professional who has undergone extensive and rigorous training in:
*Surf and Ocean Rescue
*Beach Safety
*CPR/EMR skills
*Public Communication/Interpretation

Each Junior Lifeguard Instructor is selected based on years of experience, enthusiasm about the program, knowledge of the program, leadership skills, and interactions with kids.  Many of our Instructors participated in the Junior Guard program when they were younger. This exchange from Junior Lifeguard to State Lifeguard has helped our program to continue to improve as well as have a very seasoned and respectable staff who are knowledgeable of the dynamic ocean environment in the Monterey Bay.  The objective for each instructor is to promote ocean safety education in a positive and fun way.

There will be a minimum of six paid State Park Lifeguard instructors and several volunteer assistants with the Junior Lifeguards at all times during the program. This supervision level exceeds the California wide standard ratio of 20 students to 1 paid Lifeguard instructor as the absolute lowest level of supervision.