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Sanitary Commision Quilt

Through donations we have been able to sustain many of our projects. Here are some projects and potential ideas we have so far:

Opportunity Drawing: The guild usually raffles two quilts a year: a Sanitary Commission Quilt made with the public’s help and a Challenge Quilt made by staff and volunteers.

Sanitary Commission Quilt (sometimes also called “The Civil War Soldier’s Quilt): 3.5” blocks are sewn by park visitors to create strips. They will add their names to the blocks they sew. The fabric is alternating blocks of white muslin and Civil War reproduction fabrics. The strips are sewn into a quilt and hand quilted. Proceeds from the ticket sales support the quilt guild.

Challenge quilt: The Challenge Quilt is made by staff and volunteers, who are given a packet of fabric and directions to follow to make a block.  The blocks are assembled and hand quilted by the guild. These quilts are usually quite lovely.  Tickets will be sold to the public, who need not be present to win.  The guild will mail the quilt to any winner residing in the United States. Proceeds from the ticket sales support the quilt guild.

Housewives (sewing kits) were very common in the nineteenth century. Both women and men were known to carry them. A housewife could fit in a purse and held all the essentials. No woman would be without one. Often a woman would give one to their man, who was headed off to war so he could to mend his clothes. These kits range from simple and patchwork to elaborate with expensive fabric and embroidery.

There are also items such as needle cases, pin cushions, thread catchers, coffee cozies, tea wallets, coin purses, letter holders, et cetera.

Kits for making quilts, both applique and patchwork.  Currently, we have a kit available for making English paper pieced hexagon rosettes.

This is just a brief glimpse of our quilt guild. Please tell your friends about us and come visit. We welcome everybody to participate and are eager to meet you. Feel free to contact us with any questions at the Old Town Visitor Center phone number: 619-220-5422