SSSB Campground Rules

California Department of Parks and Recreation
San Diego Coast District


RESERVATIONS: Silver Strand State Beach Campground has site specific year-round reservations through Reserve America.  You can call them at 1-800-444-7275 or visit them on-line at  Sites will be cancelled if they do not have an RV checked into them by 12 noon the day after their scheduled arrival day.  Call the Silver Strand campground at (619) 435-5184 if you have questions.

OVERNIGHT CAMPING: SELF-CONTAINED VEHICLES ONLY- One which has the capacity to hold waste water in tanks.  Minimum - A built-in sink which has an enclosed drain system and a portable toilet (both must have holding tanks).  Tent camping is not allowed.  Campers and their pets may not sleep outside their vehicle.   Check out time is 12 noon.

VEHICLE RESTRICTIONS:  Fees include 1 registered, self-contained vehicle, plus 1 legally towed or towing vehicle per site.  Towed vehicles must be verified by park staff as towed before they are unhitched, in order to be issued a pass.  For an additional fee, each campsite is allowed 1 extra vehicle if it fits within the lines of the campsite.  ALL VEHICLES MUST PARK ONLY IN THE CAMPSITE WHERE THEY ARE REGISTERED.  Passes are issued by park aids or camp hosts during park operating hours.  All vehicles must be parked fully within the limit lines of your camp site.  No equipment may be placed into a campsite until an RV has been checked into that site.

PARKINGALL TRAILERS MUST BE BACKED INTO DESIGNATED CAMPSITES so the hitch is easily accessible from the main road.   All self-contained RV’s must park parallel to the white (painted) lines within their campsite.  All Vehicles must display valid camping/parking passes.

PETS:  Pets must be on a leash no longer than six feet and under the immediate control of a person.  They are not allowed on the beach or bayside area of the park.  Noisy, aggressive dogs or other animal or one which is disturbing to others must be controlled immediately by the owner.  Owners must pick up after their pets.   Pets are not allowed to sleep outside overnight.

SANITATION:  No person shall deposit waste, water, sewage, or effluent from sinks, portable toilets, and other plumbing fixtures directly upon or into the surface of the ground, pavement, sand, or water.  For outdoor showering, use the showers next to the restrooms.

DUMP STATION:   A dump station is located at the south end of the campground near the restrooms.  The dump station shall only be used for servicing gray and black water holding tanks.  No washing or rinsing of vehicles or other items is allowed. (The dump station is for registered campers only)

FIRES:  Beach fires must be in designated concrete fire rings only.  Portable fire containers are not allowed on the beach, or any other sand area.  Camp stoves and fire containers must be within the lines of your campsite and be elevated six inches or more above the pavement.  Fires must be maintained in a safe condition at all times.  Coals or ashes must be deposited in a "Hot Coals" container (located next to dumpsters) or a fire ring.  Hot coals and fires should be put out with water, not sand.

PEACE AND QUIET  10pm to 6am:  To ensure peace and adequate rest for all campers, no person shall disturb others in the campground between 10 pm and 6 am.  No person shall use outside machinery or electronic equipment at a volume which is likely to disturb others.  Generators may only be operated between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.


EMERGENCIES AFTER THE PARK IS CLOSED - CALL 911 AND ALSO CONTACT THE CAMP HOST. Camp Hosts have access to the State Park DISPATCH CENTER 24 hours a day.  They are located in the center of the campground next to the kiosk.


       $50.00  INLAND 
       $48.00  INLAND 
(with Park’s pass)  $25.00  INLAND

(with Park’s pass)     $ NO CHARGE 
EXTRA VEHICLES - $10.00 per night

Day Use fees are not transferrable towards camping fees.
Day use and camping fees are collected and processed separately.


GATES OPEN YEAR-ROUND  8:00am - See Nightly closure times below

-  7:00pm   January 1st - February 28th
-  8:00pm   March 1st  - Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend
-  9:00pm   Fri. before Memorial Day weekend - Labor Day
-  8:00pm   Tue. after Labor Day - Oct. 31th
-  7:00pm   November 1st - December 31st