Tyson Butzke: State Parks Ranger Channel Coast District

California State Parks Ranger Tyson Butzke

California State Parks Ranger Tyson Butzke
Up Close and Personal

1. What is your most unique experience working in California State Parks?

One early summer day I was assisting in leading a kayak tour at Refugio State Beach with a group of 10 park visitors on kayaks.  As we were padding around one of the kelp beds at Refugio Point a Grey Whale came to the surface and spouted about 25 yards from our group.  The group was very excited to see a whale up close and personal.  It provided a great talking point for the rest of the tour.

2. What is the biggest challenge that you want the public to understand about your profession?

I would like the public to understand that even though it is a time of unprecedented budget woes, we are still striving to give them the best camping/recreation/park experience around.  They also need to know of the many hats that California State Park Peace Officers wear.  We can go from a nature hike, right into a medical emergency call that goes right into a Law Enforcement Contact.  We have to be good multi taskers. 

3. Who or what inspired you to pursue this career?

My father-in-law Jeff Price is a retired Ranger, and even in the toughest times (Budget Drama in the 1990’s); he always showed how much he loved his career choice.  His influence led me to take the test and become a Ranger cadet.

4. Is there something in your career that you would do differently if given the chance?

No.  The choices I have made in my career have led me to the place I am in right now. I couldn’t be happier or in a better place. 

5. Any particular parks that are on your dream list of workplaces?

In my mind I already work in my dream parks.  I love Refugio, El Capitan, and Gaviota.  They are places filled with great things to see and do.  My co-workers and the park visitors are the best.  I went to school in Sonoma County and one day (many years from now) I could see myself returning to the Sonoma/Marin area.