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Delta Recreation Proposal

5.66, 40pages, pdfRecreation Proposal for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh

About the proposal:
 This proposal recommends expanding the network of state recreation areas in the Delta and Suisun Marsh, including units of the California State Parks system and other state outdoor recreation lands and programs.

Download the two-page "At a Glance" brochure here.

Download the proposal map/poster here

The proposal informed the Delta Stewardship Council, which considered it as it prepared the Delta Plan. The proposal also informed the Delta Protection Commission, which developed an Economic Sustainability Plan, an important part of the overall Delta planning process.

Legislation guiding the proposal: This recreation proposal meets the legislative goals of California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009, which created the Delta Stewardship Council and charged it with preparing, adopting, and implementing a strategic management plan for the region. Specific guidance for this proposal is from the Public Resources Code.