Youth Aide Program

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If you are a returning Junior Guard, that is between the ages of 13-16, you should consider trying out to become a Junior Lifeguard Youth Aide.  As a Youth Aide you work under close supervision of the Junior Lifeguard Instructors and assist in the daily operations of the program.  This position will work directly with the Lifeguard Staff in order to develop job skills, quality work habits and leadership ability through work experience. Youth Aide's also receive 100% scholarship into their specified session. The Youth Aide position is a highly competitive position and all qualified candidates are encouraged to tryout. Candidates wishing to tryout should email the coordinator, Matt Trefry, at, to express interest and to let him know what tryout date he should expect to see you.


  • 13-16 years old
  • At least one year completed at a State Park Junior Lifeguard
  • Pass a physical swim test and run-swim-run scenario
  • Participate in an oral interview
    • Resumes are strongly encouraged


2019 Assistants have already been selected.



Physical Events

500 yard open water swim in 15 minutes
100 yard run, 300 yard swim, 100 yard run in 15 minutes

Oral Interview

Applicants are encouraged to have knowledge of the Junior Lifeguard program, CA State Parks Mission Statement, and basic lifeguard skills.  It is strongly recommended that you attend your interview with a resume and in professional business attire.

Youth aide candidates need to have a parent or guardian in attendance at the tryout to swim.