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State Park Peace Officer Compensation

State Park Peace Officer – Differential and Incentive Pay Information

In addition to salary, State Park Peace Officers (SPPO) -Rangers and Lifeguards- and Firefighter/Security Officers* can receive additional pay differentials as listed below:

·                      General Recruitment and Retention
The additional salary of $175 per month is for all SPPO and other law enforcement classifications employed by the Department of Parks and Recreation. This differential recognizes the difficulty in recruiting and keeping qualified Rangers and Lifeguards.

·                      Geographic Recruitment and Retention
Employees headquartered and residing in one of the following 17 designated high cost counties receive a monthly differential of $220, $300, or $350 depending on the employee’s classification:
Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Marin, Monterey, Napa, Orange, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, Ventura

o                                  State Park Peace Officer Ranger or Lifeguard (Range A) - $220

o                                  State Park Peace Officer Ranger or Lifeguard, Range B - $300

o                                  Supervising State Park Peace Officer, Ranger - $350

o                                  Lifeguard Supervisor I, II, III  - $350

o                                  State Park Superintendent I, II, III, IV, V - $350

o                                  Field Division Chief, CEA II - $350

·                      Longevity Pay **
Employees who have peace officer status and at least 17 years of State service receive a monthly differential based on a percentage of their base pay. Prior State service in classifications other than a peace officer may be included. Longevity pay will be determined as follows:

o                                  17 & 18 years - 1%

o                                  19 years - 2%

o                                  20 years - 3%

o                                  21 years - 4%

o                                  22 - 24 years - 5%

o                                  25 years or more - 7%

·                      Education Incentive

o                                  Employees with an Associates degree or an Intermediate POST certificate are eligible to receive a monthly pay differential of $50 per month.

o                                  Employees with at least a Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced POST certificate are eligible to receive a monthly pay differential of $100 per month.

·                      Physical Fitness Incentive

o                    $65 a pay period after 13 qualifying pay periods as a peace officer and annual certification of having passed the physical fitness test.

·                      Canine Differential

o                                Canine Officers - $189 monthly

*Designated peace officers and firefighters who qualify for Peace Officer/Firefighter retirement shall be eligible for the pay differential.

**All time spent in State service shall count, as long as the employee is in a classification with the collective bargaining identifier as R07, S07, M07, at the time of eligibility for the pay differential is approved.

**The Longevity Pay Differential shall be eliminated upon movement to a classification other than R07, S07, M07.  Upon movement to another class, the employee shall move from his/her base salary only.