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Saint John's Church

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is graced with the presence of a great church dating from the mid-1850s. Saint John’s has a wonderful feel to it, and is a popular choice among couples looking for a historical or rustic setting for their wedding. The church is in close range to some excellent reception locations. Saint John’s is available year round for weddings or other services, and reserving the church is easy and affordable.                     

Basic overview:  

St John's Church: $500.00 for a three hour time slot reservation.
A rehearsal is $100.00 additional. 
This church seats 65 guests. 

There is an additional damage deposit of $250.00 applied to a reservation. This is refundable as long as nothing is damaged. Liability insurance is required for events.

Note: Saint John's church is a historic building, built in the 1850's and has no ADA (Americans Disability Act) accessibility. There are no restrooms, heaters or air conditioners located in the church either.

If you would like to make an appointment to view St. John's or receive a Wedding Packet, please contact the park Special Event Coordinator at (530) 295-2174 or Or, you may visit the Gold Discovery Park Association's website (our non-profit organization) to download our wedding packet.



St John's Church


History of Saint John's Church

The Catholic congregation of Coloma worshipped on this ground since the early gold rush.  This church was opened in 1858, replacing a log church built two years earlier.  On the morning of April 20, 1858, a dedication procession made its way up Piety Hill from the town, led by Father Largan of Placerville.  Mass and dedication ceremonies followed.

After 1860, this little church fell into disrepair as the fortunes of Coloma declined and the congregation dwindled.  In the late 19th century the building was repaired and was rededicated as St. Joseph's Church in 1890.  Again the structure fell into decay, and in 1921 it had to be practically rebuilt. 

Regular services ceased 10 or 20 years later, and local Catholics went to mass in Placerville. On April 30, 1969 the Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento deeded the dilapidated structure to the State of California as a gift.  In 1972 the State Park and the community working in partnership under-took a restoration of the building.  The Bekeart family of San Francisco, descendants of Jules Francois Bekeart who built the gunsmith shop in the town below, provided leadership in this effort.  Statues and Stations of the Cross dating from the mid-19thcentury were acquired, pews polished, and the altar furnished.  The free-standing bell tower was restored and carries the original bell that the parish had cast in Sheffield England in 1860.The cross on the roof of the church appears to be of an Austrian design.



Picnic Site Packages

You are now able to reserve one of the group picnic sites listed below for an entire day for use as a reception site. The price is $300.00 and includes the site for the whole day during park hours and 50 parking passes for your guests. There is also a refundable $100.00 damage deposit (if nothing is damaged).

Group Picnic Sites
North Beach: $100.00. This site seats 120 people.
Beer Garden: $75.00. This site seats 75 people.
Marshall Monument: $100.00. This site seats 120 people.
There is also a refundable $100.00 damage deposit (if nothing is damaged). Vehicle Day Use Fees are required when reserving a picnic site. You can purchase parking passes prior to your event.

For more information or to receive a Picnic Packet, please contact the park Special Event Coordinator at 530-295-2174 or, or visit the Gold Discovery Park Association website to download our picnic packet.